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Good Places to Study During the Fall

Sources say you study better in a place you are comfortable in. To start off, it is never a good idea to study in your room, unless laziness has taken a toll on you. The reason for saying this is that there are so many distractions within your room. For one, your bed is there. Distracting thoughts can fill your head. For example, “How about, I take a fifteen minute nap and then study”. Or you start getting ideas about rearranging the furniture in your room or cleaning your room. Just, trust me, do not study in your room unless you are great at not giving into temptation.

To start this list, a good place to study is Starbucks and Panera. Especially around the holiday season, when they play holiday music and you are able to smell loads of peppermint mocha lattes and ginger and hazelnut iced coffees. But for the fall, you will have to settle for the sweet aroma of Pumpkin Spice. When surrounded by drinks and pastries, you tend to focus more. Sipping your drink and nibbling your pastry every few studying moments gets the work done. Plus, normally you do not know people in your coffee shop, so you do not have to be worried about running into someone and having a forced conversation. 

Another place that is ideal for studying is simply outside. Go on your university’s front lawn or sit on a bench at a park. Being outside releases tensions from inside your brain. It helps relieve stress and simply helps you study better. Being outside during the crisp, cool weather wearing a flannel or sweater, soaking up the breeze instantly makes your day feel better. What I love to do is grab a blanket, a drink and a snack, sit in the middle of my college’s front lawn, take deep breath and begin brushing up on my courses. It is so therapeutic in the autumn season. 

One of the last places that is amazing for studying in the fall is dedicated to Valdosta State’s campus, so I apologize if you are reading and do not attend this school. Ashley Hall on campus is so beautiful. They have chairs set up like a rustic mid-century type of living room. I love going in there by myself just to relax and possibly do some school work. 

To put all together, study where you feel at your best. You can try my techniques, but if these suggestions don’t vibe with you, don’t be afraid to branch out. Even if that place is your bedroom, do you girl! 

Ciara Jones

Valdosta '20

Hello, Ciara Jones is a "Senior" at Valdosta State University, majoring in Mass Media. After she graduates, she is planning to go into ministry working with communication media and journalism. She has a passion for Jesus, writing, kids and food. She loves attending bonfires and concerts on her free time.
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