Godly Dating 101

To start off, I myself am still learning day by day. Even if you are not religious, these are good values to place in your life if you want your relationship with your significant other to last. As Christians, when it comes to dating, marriage, singleness and sexual immorality it can be quite confusing.

A lot of people get into relationships with the wrong guys, thinking they can change them. However, that is not the case. You can not change who people are, but you can show love towards them. 

To be single means you are fully satisfied in Christ. If you think a guy can complete you that is absolutely false. No one can complete you except Jesus and him alone. Please make sure before you start to date, that your relationship with Christ is your main priority.

Women are not meant to be missionaries in relationships, you can share the Gospel with him but, he has to want it for himself. When Jesus comes back for us he is not going to be like, "Oh, Jeff you are welcomed in Heaven because your wife was a believer". Love God for yourself and no one else.

Going on that first date, try to ask him about his testimony with God and be sure to share yours as well. Do not let physical features determine if you want to continue this relationship. Bringing me to my next point, lust is one hell of a struggle. 

We all struggle with lustful thoughts, including myself.

Fighting those thoughts is a guaranteed loss, but rather replace those thoughts with God's word. It is easy for those thoughts to turn into sexual desires. If you need to get up and go for a run, go around people to stop those desires. Ladies, never tell a guy if you struggle with sexual desire. That is a big nono because that can easily turn the relationship into something not Godly. Grab a lady friend that you trust, pray for each other, let her hold you accountable.

Once you find out what his relationship with Christ is like you can began to pursue this guy and start a relationship wth him.

Guys are not made to complete but rather compliement you.

And just remember it is indeed okay to be single, as long as your satisfied in Christ and Jesus has your whole leart nothing else matters. God loves you.