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A Girl’s Best Friend: The Perfect Shoes for Spring!

FINALLY! Spring has come! 

LOVE shoes? So do I! Aquamarine. Tangerine. Hot pink. Yellow. Magenta. Coral. Blue. All of my (and your) favorite spring colors! It isn’t that these colors don’t look fierce in the winter, but the spring just makes look and feel so much better! As ladies, we allll know that shoes will make or break our entire outfit, so here are some new (and some classic) styles that will make you look hot! Transitioning to spring has never been cuter!



Here are your old ballerina flats with a twist. These pointed toe shoes will make your casual look more sophisticated, classy, and add a pop of color to accent your outfit of the day!



Ankle Cuff

These shoes are super cute and a really popular trend this spring. They’ll take your already to-die-for outfit up a notch and, for the right occasion, can give you a look of elegance! Also, as the temperature rises, the strappy heel will give your toes a little breathing room! These picture-perfect shoes can be dressed up or down for a daytime or night look, and will never leave you disappointed.


Oxfords/ Platforms

Girls and guys LOVE the look of the oxford style shoe, and with good reason. It’s clean and classic. As the weather gets warmer, experiment and pair these shoes with shorts or a skirt and watch how they give you a boost! (Both literally and metaphorically.) The trendy new platforms are different, but they’re definitely worth a try.


Last but not least, my personal favorite: PUMPS!

When will pumps ever go out of style? Exactly. Never. Pumps are my go-to shoes, giving me extra height and confidence. Pretty pastels and light colors are perfect staples for pumps in your wardrobe this spring! With pumps being so common, they’re easy to find at an affordable price, so you can stock up on all your favorite colors!

And what about platform pumps?! *heart eyes emoji*


Most importantly, ladies: make sure you get a good pedicure so that you can feel confident, no matter what style you choose. ;)

Beautiful shoes = happy feet!


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