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The Girl Who Wants to Find Herself Again

It’s so easy to lose your way and lose who you are when time and life weigh heavily on you. Whether being too invested in something or the stress of every day, happiness might get lost along the way. 

Somewhere along the road, I lost some part of me. I lost the unapologetic, worry and care-free part of me. Now, I think too much. I worry too much. I care too much about things that should not affect me the way it does. When you lose yourself, you lose the motivation to get through things that come into your life. When troubles pile up, things can start to fall apart. It’s even worse when the pressure and stress affect other aspects of your life. Losing myself definitely scares me. It made me question things, and it made me shut down. Honestly, it made me push away the good and let the bad overtake my mind. Losing yourself, especially in college, is poison. It hinders everyday routines, and it can be quite suffocating. However, I want to find myself again, and I believe I will. 

The good thing about life is that you can start over anytime. You can wake up and make the choice to make the most of every single day. Finding yourself will take time. It will take patience, and it will take strength. I am making a vow to myself to find who I am and who I want to be. I will better myself, and I will do it by surrounding myself with people who appreciate my presence. I will do it by surrounding myself with things that make me happy. Most of all, I will do it by telling myself that I can succeed in doing so. I will live unapologetically, even if I feel like I don’t deserve it. Everyone deserves happiness. It sounds rough to say, but it takes something bad to realize the good in your life. It gets better. Maybe my journey of finding myself will make me appreciate what I have in my life. My wish is just to be happy, genuinely happy. 

Just know, that if you are struggling as well, you are strong. You got out of bed. You are conquering your day. You might feel like you’re failing, but dealing with failure takes strength. Think about what you love and hold onto it. Think about the good and just hold onto it. You must lose yourself before you can find yourself. You will find yourself again. 


Sylvia Leong is a mass media major at Valdosta State University hoping to achieve her goal of securing a job in sports broadcasting. This Georgia peach loves all shades of blue, football season, and charming her way with sarcasm. Follow on Instagram and Twitter: svia96
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