Girl Power! WCW: P!nk

It's rare that we see a female artist in the music industry stay true to herself, her morals, and her image. The constant marketing of female artists to produce a "certain image" rarely allows them to flourish naturally and pitch what they truly stand for. However, throughout her 15-year long career, Alecia Moore, best know as P!nk, has astonishingly remained nothing but true to her image!

She's given young females around the world someone to look up to and admire (including myself). She's embodied the true definition of girl power and women enlightenment. In honor of the infamous hashtag #WCW, I have decided to nominate three-time grammy award pop and early R&B singer P!nk as our Woman Crush Wednesday along with her songs/performances that have won us all over at some point in time!


1. Don't Let Me Get Me

If you have ever felt like a social outcast, P!nk certainly made you feel like she was right there with you by sharing with us her personal issues with this 2002 single.

2. Raise Your Glass 

P!nk made sure underdogs across the world felt celebrated and important with this 2010 single!

3. She's killer at acrobatics!

Seriously, her vocals AND grace while she was doing tricks in the air stunned viewers nation wide when she performed at the 52nd annual Grammy Awards. 

4. So What

P!nk told us, "So what if you get dumped!? He's a tool and you are still a rockstar no matter what, girl!"

5. Blow Me One Last Kiss

Sometimes the "back and forth drama" when dealing with a relationship is simply just not worth the headache! P!nk reminded us of the importance of self-sanity and clarity and that we're better off kissing the situation goodbye with her 2012 single "Blow Me One Last Kiss."

6. Perfect 

Perhaps one of P!nk's most touching songs, she told us not to ever feel like we're less than perfect beause she knows how hard we can be on ourselves sometimes!

7. Stupid Girls

This is what separates P!nk from most artists: her outreach to young females worldwide by delivering songs with them in mind. She informed girls that you shouldn't sacrifice your intelligence for the sake of getting the attention of a guy! Now THAT'S girl power!

8. U + Ur Hand

Again, P!nk effortlessly reminded us of why she's so bad-*ss! She said that:

1. Women are not a piece of meat

2. Guys are not entitled to hooking up with us when we go out

3. The only action those fools will be getting is the one that involves... well, you know the title of the song!

9. There You Go

Yes, at some point that ex-boyfriend is bound to pop up in our life again. Well, P!nk told us to let that loser know that he missed out on a good thing and we have bigger fish to fry! Sorry, Charlie!

10. Try

If you get knocked down seven times, stand up eight. P!nk told us to not get discouraged if things don't work out in our favor and that we've got to get up and keep trying!

Credit is given where it is due, and P!nk, you are truly appreciated!