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Getting the most out of your college experience

Being an introvert can have its ups and downs, but it may make you feel as if you’re “missing out” on something. It may feel like a good thing at first to focus on your grades, but most people are soon stricken with a serious case of FOMO after the first few weeks. I, for example, am not a party person. I’ve tried going to a couple and usually leave within 30 minutes. It felt like could never quite crack the carefree fun aspect of college life. I felt like something was wrong with me. Why can’t I just be social? Why can’t I have fun like everyone else? Then I realized that I was chasing after a type of fun that just didn’t suit me. Finding things that you already enjoy and incorporating them into your college life is a great way to combat the dreaded fear of missing out.

Join a club

College campuses are known for having a plethora of groups and clubs to choose from. Pretty much anything you can imagine, there’s probably a club for it somewhere. I even found a beekeeping club on my campus, which is something I barely even knew existed. Finding a club that incorporates something that you already like can give you the aspect of human interaction while taking part in an activity that you enjoy. Good ways to find clubs include your schools website, email reminders, and through talking to college staff and other students. Clubs can supplement your education, as well as offer fun and relaxing activities to participate in.


Participating in activities that apply to your major is also a great way to connect with others while furthering your chances of success after college. Many universities offer events and outings based on specific majors, but all students regardless of their academic pathways are usually invited to attend. These can be fun ways to meet friends with similar interests to yours. Volunteer oppurtunities are also always nice to have on your resume and will impress potential employers and other post-secondary institutions. This is a way to have fun in college while feeling productive in your education.

study abroad

Study abroad experiences are wonderful if your university offers them. There are plenty of scholarships available on different criteria for study abroad programs, and they have one for plenty of majors. You can also take study abroad trips that are unrelated to your major. For example, I major in sociology and am taking a study abroad trip with classes in psychology. These experiences offer valuable hands-on learning and travel opportunities that you can rarely get anywhere else, and you can make lifelong friends with your study group, as well as make friends in the places you visit. There are many places to choose from, and it is such a valuable experience.

no pressure

Most importantly, you are in no way required to have fun in the traditional sense in college. Everyone is different and the most important part is getting your education and making fun memories to look back on. Everyone has fun differently, so staying within your comfort zone is not necessarily a bad thing. Never party or do anything that makes you uncomfortable if you’re feeling pressured to do it, and have fun in ways that suit you. The beauty of life is that no two people are the same, so you shouldn’t do something just because everyone else is doing it. Stay safe, learn lots, and have fun in your own ways.


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