Four Uplifting and Encouraging Christian-Based Movies

What kind of movies move you to tears? One of my favorite genres of movies is Christian films. I can proudly that the films that bring me to the most tears are Christian Based Movies. They give me so much hope with I feel discouraged. Sometimes when my faith is weak, watching a simple trailer of one of my favorite Christian movies reminds me of how much God loves us. Four of some of my favorite Christian movies are, "God's not Dead, Heaven is for real, Miracles from Heaven and I'm not ashamed". Each movie is individually unique and has its own message but they all have one thing in common, which is putting Faith in God.

To start off, God's not Dead is an inspirational and informational movie.

God's not dead is about a college Philosophy professor curriculum is challenged by his new student, Josh who is the main character of the movie, who also happens to believe in God. This movie motivates me to stand up for what we believe in. The professor makes all his students sign a piece of paper that states , "God is dead" and Josh refuses to sign this. His professor lets Josh defend his faith by giving him one week to prove that God is not dead. This movie educated me on things I have no clue on. Science and Jesus can co-exist. This movie inspired me look into apologetics, while also inspiring me to stand up for what I believe in. You can watch the trailer here.

Second off, this beautiful film "Heaven is for real" is such a beauty.

This specific movie is really encouraging for those who feel like no one believes them in certain situations but they keep standing strong. Heaven is for Real is about a small-town father must find courage to share his sons near death experience recovery and his visit to Jesus Christ. This also happened to based on a real story. This movie inspired me to have faith. Even though there is tons of doubters around, you have to stand strong. When you see a little boy talk about God, it gives us hope that Jesus is indeed for Real. You can watch the trailer for this heart-warming movie, here. Fair warning, this movie will move you to tears.

Thirdly, Miracles from Heaven is an awe-inspiring film.

This movie is about a small town family as well. The mother discovers that her child, has a rare, incurable disease. She goes above and beyond to get her daughter the best doctors possible. One day Anna gets to go home for a weekend after being in the doctors for a long time. She is in the tree playing with her sisters and falls really hard. After the fall an extra-ordinary miracle happens. After she is rushed to the hospital she was cured from her stomach disease. This film can be encouraging by learning to trust people when things get tough. There are many scenes in this movie where miracles were working for her even when she had no clue. You can watch this lovely trailer here.

Last but not least, the movie "I am not Ashamed" was one of the most heartbreaking, teary eyed moments I have ever expressed.

This movie is inspiring but ever so sad."I'm not shamed" is about The Columbine School shooting. The main character was the first person murdered in the deadly massacre. Through the words and journals of her notebook this story was retold. It is thr true story of a high school student who's faith caused her to reach out to students and share the gospel while also being a target of the killers murderous plans. When watching this movie, it kind of scared me. Will I deny Jesus when my life can instantly flash before my eyes? Or will I have faith no matter what the circumstance is? Personally I am still struggling with this question. Death is a scary thing. It encourages me, in many ways. One way being, to share the gospel boldly and try being a light in dark situations. You can watch this trailer here!

In conclusion, if you ever have time or are struggling in your faith, watch these movies. If you are not religious but need encouragement these are still great movies to watch to uplift and encourage others.

Love, VSU X HC