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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

The truth is, with all the racism, sexism, negativity, and other Trump manifested things, somehow we ended up with Drake, but we don’t deserve him.

Here are a few reasons why. 1.) Drake gave your MCM communication skills.

“Take Care’’ was the beginning of an era. Finally, a hip-hop/ RnB record since 2001 that showed a heartbroken man spitting his most desperate feelings, but somehow managed to still make it cool. So, when your man crushes Monday texts her something familiar from that album, just be thankful. Drake says you’re welcome.  

2.) Money Can Change You…

IN A GOOD WAY. Drake has a ridiculous amount of money and he has managed to not get caught up in some bad relationship drama or drug-induced tasteless tabloid. He spends his money on insanely expensive t-shirts and up keeping that equally successful beard of his.  

3.) He Taught Us the Importance of Family

 Drake makes a point to know that his family is extremely important to him. Loyalty to the people who have constantly been there for you, blood or not, is a reoccurring theme in his music. That is incredibly admirable and more than likely plays a large role in his successful avoidance of the celebrity downward spiral.

4.) This God’s Plan Video

Drake has done some amazing things, no doubt, but this video was a beautiful thing. The video viscerally shows Drake committing random acts of kindness in South Florida and it’s INFECTIOUS. It made me want to hop out of bed and go out and do amazing things for people. We need more positivity, like this, coming from our most adored celebrities.  

We all love you, Drake. What we did to deserve you? We may never know.


Danysha Lamadieu is a 20 something year old blogger, attending Valdosta State University majoring in Theatre Performance. She plans, after graduation, to be a Educational Outreach Director for a theatre on the east coast!
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