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Four Natural Oils for Health and Beauty

Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil can be used for literally EVERYTHING from skin care to hair care. Its great for taking off makeup or even using as a moisturizer for dry skin! It has a very light scent and can even be used in the summer time and won’t feel heavy. Coconut oil also helps with scaring and discoloration! It is not only great for beauty but health as well! Coconut oil can be cooked with and has benefits such as being easier to digest, converts into energy, doesn’t immediately store as fat, is anti-fungal and much more!

Almond Oil Almond oil is amazing for skin, especially for those with sensitive skin types because of it being hypoallergenic. This is also a great natural remedy for relieving skin with eczema. Almond oil is also known for health purposes especially for its benefits of lowering and regulating cholesterol.

Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil is honestly my top favorite skin care oil. This oil is simply amazing for troubled skin! It is naturally anti-bacterial so it helps fight acne and is great for spot treatments!

Grape Seed Oil Grape seed oil is used mainly for skin care use, especially for its anti-aging benefits. This oil helps skin stay firm and tight, minimizes dark under eye circles, and more. It helps strength hair follicles as well. Health wise, grape seed oil is great anti-inflammatory oil. 

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