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 I remember my first day of school at the Academy of Richmond County like it was yesterday. I was happy, scared and nervous all at the same time. I couldn’t believe that I was finally in high school, it was everything that I did not expect. The students were not friendly and felt at ease to fight, use profanity and skip class. I was the complete opposite of these students, but I knew that some day I would slowly begin to fit in.

My first day was coming to an end when I heard that last bell ring and the principal spoke over the intercom. Everyone walked out of the class and went home, but I was stranded looking scared and young because I had missed the bus. I called my dad to come get me and all I could do was cry because these people honestly were scary. They were big, looked older than my parents and just rude and angry for no reason. I was having terrifying thoughts, “What if my dad forgets about me?” “Who else could come pick me up?” and the craziest one “Will I get kidnapped?”

I was completely out of my mind. When my dad finally came and picked me up, I was thrilled to see a familiar face. I thought my day had finally reached greatness when my dad picked me up, but there was something else. My dad and I made it to our side of town and I noticed that it seemed like the truck was coasting down the road. He looks at me and I look at him, I knew at the very moment that we had run out of gas. It had to be at least 90 degrees that day. My mom came to “save the day”, and I was finally on my way home. When we got home my mom had already cooked dinner. My dad and I washed up and went to the table. My mom said four words, “How was your day?” Let’s just say I was clowned at dinner by my parents and little sister.

That was the worst first day of school ever. 


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