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Fashion: Hot Things to Try This Spring & Summer

Spring is here and summer is vastly approaching! What will you be wearing to show off your amazing style?


My personal favorite for this season are maxi dresses. Maxi dresses are cute and you can be lazy when wearing them.  As girls, sometimes our heads can be in a million different places and picking out an outfit in the morning, shaving our legs, and doing our makeup can seem like such hard tasks. With maxi dresses, it’s an outfit all in one and you can hide those legs you mistakenly forgot to shave! Also, the backless maxi dress is really hot in the itty-bitty titty committee! But don’t fear if you have Cs or Ds, you can always purchase a pair of pasties from Target or Wal-Mart!  


No casual spring and summer outfit is complete without a pair of high-waisted shorts! You can dress them up or down and they always have that certain way of making you look a few pounds slimmer! Make sure to hit the gym and do squats so your butt can look amazing in them! Great places to find these are Forever 21, Love Culture, or Charlotte Russe. Locally, try nearby thrift stores and Goodwill if you’re a DIY type of girl!


A great way to make a subtle statement with your outfit is a fashionable pair of sunglasses! I believe the more outrageous, the better (but hey that’s just me!). My personal favorites are aviators, heart shaped, and cat eye sunglasses. You can find these at Target, Forever 21, or you can go the expensive route and hit up Sunglass Hut!


Lastly for all my Valdosta girls, recently a Plato’s Closet opened on 1591 Baytree Road!  I went to the grand opening and let me tell you ladies, I found some great steals! I got a huge Betsey Johnson bag for $25 and a lot of cute skirts and dresses!  I was very weary of it at first but the more I walked around, the more intrigued I became! The jewelry is also a reasonable price and I was extremely satisfied with all of my purchases.  If you want to get a head start on your shopping, I nominate this place as your first stop! You can also sell some of your gently used clothes and get some cash as well!

Happy Shopping Beautiful Ladies!


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