Fall Room Decor: DIY edition

Maple Leaf Garland with Lights

This DIY is cute and simple, so you won't have much of a hassle while creating this amazing piece. The garland sets off the fall vibe, and the lights add a nice touch.

1. The first thing you will need is a maple leaf garland; you can order it off of Amazon or go to your nearby Walmart.

2. The second thing you will need is lights, just any regular Christmas lights will do.

3. The third thing you will need is adhesive hooks to hang the garland and the lights.

4. The last thing is to put as many hooks that you need on your wall then place the garland and lights onto them. If the garland is too long, all you do is cut them to the length of the lights.


Create a Faux Fur Rug

So I'm obsessed with faux fur things, and I think it definitely fits the fall aesthetic. So if you don't already have a rug in your dorm or apartment, you can create one!

1. The first thing you will need is floor mats, lucky for you the Dollar Tree sells floor mats. Depending on the length you want your rug to be, the amount of floor mats you will need may differ. On the flip side, the Dollar Tree sometimes sells basic rugs, and they're a pretty nice size.

2. The second thing you will need is a some faux fur fabric, all you have to do is go to a craft store or possibly order some online. The yards of the fabric you will need depends on the length of the rug, so make sure you measure everything. 

3. If you have the floor mats, I suggest you get needle and thread to make the floor mats into one mat. Then cover the mat with the fabric, cut off any excess, and use fabric glue to seal everything together. 

4. Same step as above for the regular rug, except you won't need needle and thread. You will just simply cover the rug with the fabric. 


Frame a quote or picture

This DIY isn't difficult at all, you simply just a print a picture or quote and fame it!

1.  Okay first, look for websites that have free images or a website that lets you make up your own quote for a poster.

2. Since it's fall, I would find a picture or create a quote poster that screams fall and spooky lol.

2. Second, print everything that needs to be printed.

3. Then frame it, you could get frames from anywhere, and they are really cheap.


Candy Mason Jars

 Who doesn't like candy or Mason Jars?

1. First, find some Mason Jars at your nearest craft store or grocery store.

2. Second, purchase any type of candy you want, it doesn't have to be fall related.

3. Third, you can purchase paint and labels, if you want to add more spice.

4. Last, collect all your materials and start creating. If you paint the jars, paint them somewhere by themselves. Once they're dry, you can put labels on them and place the candy inside.


Happy Crafting! HCXO!