The Fake and Fraud

I find it funny how people will lie on your name, have the nerve to smile in your face, and still be confused when you walk by them and are completely content with ignoring their entire existence.

In every chapter in your life, you will always encounter people who I like to call the ‘Fake and the Fraudulent’, sounds like a soap opera doesn’t it? Well, these types of people tend to have all the characteristics of Scary Barry, Flakey Fiona, Lying Lucy, and Follow the Leader Frank. We have all met people like these infamous characters listed above, some of you may even be these said people, and if so, it is the good people of Real Recognize Real to stop these fraudulent fools.

Suspect One: Scary Barry is only one of my favorites of the bunch.

Scary Barry loves to talk about you behind your back, but when you confront and it is time to jump back, they are somehow don’t have anything to say or “can’t recall”.These types of people are never a threat because like Follow the Leader Frank, they typically only try to “ruin you” when everyone else in on the same bandwagon. The only issue is when people you thought you knew had your best intentions really don’t have your back. When lies are spread and you’re especially on a smaller campus, things can get out of hand pretty quickly.

And that’s where Lying Lucy comes into play.


Lucy is probably your ‘best friend’, not on purpose, but by default. He or she is probably a friend of your closest friend that y’all are around often enough, so he or she knows your business too. Reasons why you have certain friends for certain things…Lying Lucy will hear a lie about you, tell it to someone who only knows of you and next thing you know, you so-called did x, y, and z, and the campus hates you. But what makes it even more hilarious is that everyone runs with the lie and the people who called themselves your “friend” don’t even come and see what’s true or not.

This is the ideal moment when you really find out who your real friends are.

Now Flakey Fiona will definitely out his or herself, because all of a sudden, they’re too busy for you hanging out with people who y’all have agreed on together, not to fool with. They don’t get any type of energy from me...

So, beware good people and brethren to the high-class community of “Real recognize Real, the fake and fraudulent are on the prowl.