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Excuses To Get Out From Kissing Someone Under The Mistletoe

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

Thanksgiving is over and that means Christmas trees, putting up tacky decorations, wrapping presents and let’s not forget falling under the mistletoe. Traditionally, if you and another person were to be under a mistletoe together, that means the two of you would have to kiss. If you were lucky enough to be under the mistletoe with a person you’ve had your eye on for a while, this would be awesome. But sometimes life isn’t so awesome and you may find yourself under a mistletoe with someone who just can’t take a hint that you’re not interested. If any of that happens, here are some excuses to get you out of kissing that certain someone under the mistletoe.


1. “I smell gingerbread cookies!

This excuse should save your life. I mean, who doesn’t love gingerbread cookies… they’re awesome. In fact gingerbread cookies are so awesome, they’re even better than kissing.


2. “The angel on top of the Christmas tree is crooked and I have to fix it.

Because if God forbid anyone else noticed the “not really slightly” crooked angel, they may have a fit.


3. “A Christmas light went out and I have to go fix it.

Somewhere in the house a Christmas light blew out. You don’t know how you know this, but somewhere in your heart and soul, you just knew a light died.


4. “I have more presents to wrap.

The holiday season is busy. So if you have time to wrap that big ass present for your brother then you better go do it! Jimmy with the stinky breath can wait…. And he can keep on waiting because you’re never walking under that mistletoe again.


5. “One of the big ass tacky decorations fell off the roof and I have to go put it back up… and no I do not need your help.

You’re a girl who can do big handy work all by herself, plus you wanna get as far away from your flirtatious guest as soon as possible.

6. “I’m one of Santa’s helpers.

And being one of Santa’s helpers means you’re not allowed to kiss anyone. It’s a rule thing with Mr. and Mrs. Clause, trust me.


7. “I’m allergic to mistletoes.

It’s probably the lamest, most stupidest excuse…. And you should try it!


I'm Jessie Thomas, a junior in college. I'm a fun loving girl who loves music and fashion! Someday I hope to be successful in the entertainment industry.
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