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The Everyday College Fashionista: The Perfect Sunglasses, Based on Your Face Shape!

It’s geting warm outside and we all know what that means!!! It’s time to break out the sunglasses! But have you noticed that some shades just don’t flatter your face? Here are some guides when it comes to finding the shades that help shield your eyes from the sun without shielding all of your face!



Oval faces can wear any type of sunglasses. Because of their shape, anything will compliment their face! Go crazy experimenting with different shapes and sizes ladies! 

Celebs with oval faces: Beyonce



Long faces should wear round frames or cat eye frames. These frames help add a delicate hint to the length of your face!

Celebs with long faces: Jennifer Aniston



Round faces can wear wide or rectanglar franes. The sharp edges of the glasses help to bring a balance to the roundness of your face!

Celebs with Round faces: Cameron Diaz



Square faces can wear round, oval or cat eye sunglasses. These glasses help bring a softness to your face’s strong jaw line.

Celebs with Square faces: Angelina Jolie 



Heart faces can also wear cat eye or other round glasses. Your chin tapers into a narrow point and these glasses will give your face a sophisticated look that will look purrrr-fect!

Celebs with heart shaped faces: Hallie Berry



Diamond shaped faces can wear just about anything like the oval shaped faces! Just be careful not to draw too much attention to your cheekbones! 

Celebs with diamond shaped faces: Rihanna

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