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The Everyday College Fashionista: The “Minimalist” Style

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

Spring is here, which means summer is also vastly approaching. With the bold colors of spring and the many floral patterns you’ll see, sometimes you may like to tone down your outfits. Or maybe you’re just not into the bold colors (like myself). This leaves you with the option of “going minimalist.” The infamous misconception that the minimalist style is boring, only for the work place, or represents Gothic is coming to an end. Check out some awesome styles for the spring and summer with these fantastic neutral colors!


Black: empowering, sexy, authoritative

Black is an awesome color to wear when dealing with job interviews or just to wear for fun. Rocking this color usually makes me feel in charge and ready to take on the world!


White: pure, clean, mood booster

Wearing white can be a hassle but it provides a great responsibility of being cautious. A-line style dresses are in! Buy a cute dress to cool down this spring and summer!


Grey: classic, calm, sophisticated

Grey is a very odd color to wear sometimes; it can be a little too plain. To dress up greys, wear a color like white that compliments it. Try to stray away from pairing greys and blacks because it could make you look dull, unless the colors are accessories!


These styles are absolutely my favorite and look so chic. My closet is full of these colors and I never run out of ways to mix and match! Don’t be afraid to “tone down” your appearance. Don’t worry, you’ll still be looking just as good as the next.


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