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Are you prepared for your online courses this semester? No? Well, I am here to help.


Welcome back, ladies!!!


It's time for the fall semester to officially begin! This semester is especially different due to our very not so nice friend named Corona. Due to her presence a lot of students this year have decided to stay home and take their college online. It's me. I'm that student. 


Personally, this is my first time going fully online and I was extremely scared but I now know exactly what I needed and now it is time to pass on the information to you.


A Quiet Spot

This is the most important thing of all when learning you’re going to want to have an area dedicated to just that, plus when you are in a Zoom meeting you don’t want your class hearing your parents yelling about how you forgot to do the dishes last night. 

 Decorate Your Spot

Make your study spot yours. Decorating your area will make it more inviting and relaxing. Put tiny succulents and add fairy lights or put Bob Ross bobblehead and an amazing smelling candle on your desk or even do all of those things.

Good Connection

You definitely do not want to be that student who’s audio cuts out while your professor is telling you important information about what will be on your next big test.

A planner

This can be as small as a notebook or as big as a bulletin board. This will help you keep track of the assignments and meetings that need to be done during the week. To make your planner a bit more exciting, you can color code or draw cool pictures around it.

Comfy Clothes

Now that you are home you can wear your super ugly but suuuuper comfy sweater without judgment. This isn’t extremely essential but who doesn’t want to be comfortable plus you don’t have to wear pants during a Zoom meeting, you know as long as you don’t have to get up for anything.

Scholarly Apps

Now that you are home you can’t just go to the Academic Support Center to help you review your essay or math homework but there are apps that will help you, such as Grammarly, One Note, Quizlet, and Khan Academy.

A Study Buddy

This one I can not stress enough. Online learning can get pretty intense, maybe you didn’t understand the last part of the lecture or you need help starting a draft or maybe you really need to help to ace that Geology quiz. Having a reliable study buddy or just being a reliable study buddy can really ease the tension of handling online classes.

Remember to Breathe

For a lot of us going fully online is a new experience and it is definitely a big one but do not worry because you will get through it. Relax and make the best out of your experience. 

Best of Luck!!


Jasmin Small

Valdosta '23

Hey ladies!! I am a student Valdosta State University. (Class of 2023 WHOOP WHOOP) I major in journalism and minor in mass media. I'm a pretty fun person to be around (at least I hope that I am).
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