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Endure Table Talk This Thanksgiving

It is officially the time of year where the food always seems just a little bit better and the smiles are always brighter. It’s no wonder we’re all in a rush to get that time off of work or school so we can enjoy the luxuries of getting to be home with the family. Thanksgiving is a staple in many homes, but can also be the center of anxiety for some of us. No one likes being stuck in difficult table talk or having to deal with prying relatives for too long! Here are some easy to tips to help you breeze through table talk this year at the family Thanksgiving.


Keep it pleasant

Avoid hotly contested topics at the table. The last thing you want this Thanksgiving is an all out war over politics or religion during the family gathering. Try to stick to neutral topics that everyone can enjoy.

Ask questions

Your family hasn’t seen you for a while, but instead of enduring the hot seat about graduation plans or final grades, choose to ask questions about how family members have been fairing this year. You’ll wiggle your way out of the spotlight and they’ll love the caring gesture.

Avoid tension

Lets say things get a little tight at the dinner table. It’s easy to relieve that negative tension by commenting on how delicious the food is, or taking the moment of silence to give thanks for having everyone gathered together. That should ease the mood and bring everyone’s attention back to the reason for the season!

If all else fails, I’m sure everyone has heard the saying “Don’t talk with a mouth full of food.” Great advice to be followed this Thanksgiving! HCXO!

Tayla Means is a PR Girl working to get her Bachelors in communication at Valdosta State University. When she's not overwhelmed with the duties of senior year, she likes to take time out to enjoy the company of good friends in the great outdoors. This Ohio native, aspires to work in Brand Management and Hospitatlity from a location that feeds into her passion for travel and adventure. 
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