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Life in your early twenties is filled with all sorts of experiences.  For one, when it comes to finding your other half, this may seem like a task impossible to achieve. At times it may feel as if your love life has been cursed. You came to college with the idea in your head that you would find your college sweetheart who you would ultimately marry. In reality, all you have found so far are reasons why you prefer to stay single. Yes, you have given the dating scene a chance, and one after the other, they have failed. The older and more experienced you become, the higher your standards grow and therefore, you don’t have time for games. You slowly become anxious that you will never find that someone, don’t. Instead, enjoy yourself.  

Find your inner happiness   The truth is that you are in your early twenties, you do not need to have everything in your life figured out. You also do not need someone by your side to complete you. Every woman needs a time in their life where their focus is learning what makes them happy instead of who. Go out and fulfill your career, do anything and everything you have always wanted to do. Discover who you are and what you’re passionate about.  

Don’t be scared to standalone   Being comfortable with being alone is vital, only this way you will know that when you are with someone that you’re with them because you love them not out of loneliness. Learn to be independent. Learn the importance of taking care of yourself and be able to fend for yourself. Although the idea of a prince charming sparks almost every girl’s heart, learn that you don’t need a prince charming to save the day. While you will have plenty of years to share with another person, enjoy this phase in your life, because you will not have it for long. 

But Before you meet that special someone…  Enjoy coming home to your apartment that you do not share with anyone but yourself, and maybe some roommates. Enjoy trying new things and meeting new people. Enjoy going out and flirting with any man you want. Enjoy girls nights and partying until the morning. Enjoy the drunk adventures and surviving the hangover the next morning. Enjoy laying in your bed and not fighting for the covers. Enjoy your nights in eating junk food and watching chick flicks. Enjoy your alone time, your candle lit baths with music and wine. Enjoy your morning workouts and pushing yourself above limits. Enjoy putting yourself first.   Remember that this period in your life is about focusing on you and you only. It’s a time to fall in love with yourself before someone else falls in love with you.

This phase in your life will not last for long. You’ll be enjoying your life and when least expected you will find someone who will change your world.  So before someone gets to spend the rest of your life with you, enjoy this phase. Put yourself first, love yourself entirely and remember to always take care of yourself. 


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