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Drunk Etiquette: 5 Rules for the Party Scene

As college students, we are all pretty familiar with the party scene. Whether you’re an occasional bar-hopper or every-weekend-function-goer, we should all be familiar with drunk etiquette.

Drunk etiquette is exactly what it sounds like. As much as we all love to have fun, as young collegiettes, we must stay ladylike at all times. Here are a few rules for how to have fun, be safe and remain ladylike.


  1. Establish the DD: This should be a no-brainer, but sadly, it can sometimes cause problems. Before you leave the house, decide whom the DD is. If you don’t, at the end of the night, it could spark an argument or worse: you could be left stranded or behind bars. That would definitely cause a major blow to any night. Just play it safe, and be clear.
  2. Know your limits: Yes, having fun is the ultimate goal, but as it is with all good things, moderation needs to be practiced. No one wants to be seen hugging the toilet at the end of the night. You don’t want things getting out of control, resulting in you acting out of character or doing something you will regret the next day.
  3. Look out for your friends: As girls, we should look out for each other. Be conscious of your friends and situations they may be putting themselves in. Watch out for people who may be looking to take advantage of your friends. Also, be on the lookout and make sure they don’t do anything out of character. Don’t egg on your friends to do things they could potentially be embarrassed about the next day; the laugh you get out of it won’t be worth their reputations.
  4. Control your emotions: We are all known to get a little reckless with our emotions when alcohol gets involved. You may be an “angry drunk” or a “sad drunk,” but most importantly, remember that you are a “public drunk.” Don’t let your emotions get the best of you to the point where you’re the girl at the party crying or the girl getting kicked out of the party for causing an uproar. Either way, the only result will be total embarrassment,
  5. Be aware of your surroundings: You’re out to have fun, but unfortunately not everyone has such good intentions. While you’re focused on having fun, look at who is around you and where you are. Take note of the address and the look of the area just in case. Don’t put yourself in potentially dangerous situations just for a good time.


These tips can go a long way. For the sake of having a fun and successful night, keep these in mind next time you step out for a girls night!

Michaela Leung is the current Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Valdosta State. She is an honors student studying Mass Media and working on a Cross-Training Certificate in Journalism at Valdosta State University with aspirations to be a music journalist and a news anchor. This New York native enjoys fashion, all kinds of music, socializing, making people laugh and standing up for what is right. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter: michaelaskrunk
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