Down, But Never Out

In life, we all go through ups and downs that shape us into our adult selves.

Life can throw as many curve balls your way, but it is up to you to give up or keep swinging. People will slander your name, come for your character, and place you in positions you could only try to avoid, however when you are faced with obstacles do you rise to the occasion or crumble in the wind? 

As we mature, there are some situations you know how to handle with time, however what do you do in those moments you don't have all of the answers? You take a step back, evaluate the situation, and think of the most logical approach to a messy situation. Many times, we are quick to react rather than enact. You cannot expect changes from a person who does not think there is anything to change. So what do you do? For example, in high school, a friend may have said something about you that may not have been true, then, you would confront them which could only end in one or two ways. Now fast forward ten years from now, imagine the same situation, however on a higher caliber, that not effects your career. You can't fight your way through every situation. You center yourself, gather your thoughts, and place yourself in another's shoes. 

If we understand our enemies and learn how to produce a better outcome, no one could ever say anything about you, take anything away from you, or ruin anything that God had planned for your life. Every situation does not need a reaction, our enemies nine times out of ten, will destroy themselves. So you keep it moving if the situation cannot be fixed immediately, because any situation that God has not given you the tools for, it is not your fight with the situation, however a lesson for you to trust in God. 

Many times, we loose faith in his abilities and end in situations that take a tad longer to get out of rather than usual. If you give into the foolishness and petty ways, that only hurts you rather than the situation that may lay at your feet. 

For those that talk about you and the situations that try to get a handle on your life, it is up to you to decide whether God has given you the tools to work through it, or if he needs you to be patient and get something much greater. 

Many times in life it. is not a lose, but a great lesson. You can chose to fall on your face or listen, adjust, and grow into the person God wants you to be.

Taking the high road in some situations can be a challenge, however when you think about the long term damage, you can save yourself from a lot of sticky situations. 

For some, our intentions are good, however, there are few who place themselves in certain positions to tear others down. It is your job to never let them see you sweat, never let them see you cry, and hold your ground for what you believe. 

You should always handle situation the best you can and never let things effect you more than they should. So in any life situation whether it be with friends, family, school, or work, you can show your character, but never get out of character. Because that, can leave you in some deep doo-doo.