Gone with the Wind

Don't Settle for Less

I just want to start off saying that you are a Queen and deserve the world. Nowadays, it seems like every head you turn, there is someone in a relationship. Seeing everyone holding hands left and right can make you long for a significant other badly. The other night, I went out to eat with my friend at Texas Road House, and while we were waiting to get seated, I saw my ex-crush and his girlfriend walk in hand and hand. First off, I was not mad because he is such a nice guy. However, seeing him with his girlfriend hand in hand and opening the restaurant door for her made me feel some type of way. My longing for a boyfriend was deeper than ever. Literally, mostly half the night while eating my food, I wish I had me a southern gentleman.

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There are times in life where, the longing is so deep that I start to cross off my expectations in guy. "Oh, I do not care if he smokes. I mean I guess he can be the same hieght as me. We do not have to have the same religious views; it's okay if he is not a gentleman." In my head, I thought maybe if I lowered my standards and expecations that I require in a man, I could have one. Then something clicked, I do not have to "settle for less" just because I long for someone right now.

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This special man for you with be worth will be wait. You would want your significant other to be the most gentlemanly prince out there. Never settle for less because when you do that, you can pontentially hurt the other person in the relatonship. You also want to save your heart from potential heartbreak and stress that you do not need nor deserve. God's timing is the best timing. Maybe there's some things you need to work on before you can be in relationship. Your better half is supposed to compliment you, however you are still beautiful without that person. We cannot expect anyone to love us, unless we love ourselves. We cannot expect anyone else to make us happy, we have to learn how to be happy being by ourselves.

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In conclusion, you are so beautiful and deserve the world. Loving yourself is enough!