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Don’t Wait Until You Hit a Wall To Wake Up

It’s that time of year, which is what brought this topic to my mind. It is the end of Spring Semester, and that means it is finals times. By this time, we know where we are in our classes grades-wise, and it makes us question what we’ve been doing the whole semester.  Unfortunately, if we’re failing a class horribly, and have waited until the last two weeks to ask the Professor what we can do to improve our grad, we already hit that wall without even knowing it.But this saying doesn’t only relate to final exams and end of the semester grade; this can be applied to our everyday life. There have been many situations that I’ve been in, and you too probably, that we waited too long to open our eyes, and by the time the situation has turned entirely with undesirable outcomes.I feel like most times we know when we’re not doing the right things in a situation, but we still make the choices that could impact our lives in the wrong way. It shouldn’t have to take us hit the absolute rock bottom to want to do right. Then we start doing things we have never done before whether it’s praying, meditating, or begging other people for help, to make the predicament better.  When we can spot our lives going in a different direction that may not be the best for us, we should take the time to step back try to fix them before we get to the point of hitting a wall. I don’t want any of us to fail whether it in class or life. I believe that we can all grab hold of our situation and turn it around before we crash face first into that solid wall.    

Ketorah Frazier

Valdosta '20

Ketorah is a First Year Sociology Graduate Student at Valdosta State University. Ketorah loves to watch WWE, The Walking Dead, and Broad City. She also enjoys being a room with nothing but music playing, new and old. When she’s not doing that, you can catch her playing her PS4, and talking on the phone with her family and friends. Post-graduation, she plans to pursue a career in Victim Services, and plans to open up her own Non-Profit Organization for ALL Victims of crimes, such as domestic and sexual abuse.
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