Don’t be THAT girl

We all know who “that girl” may be. It can be the girl who stays drunk at a party no matter what. She could be the one who always causes drama in the group. She could even be the girl who stays with her cheating and no good ex. I know a lot of “those girls”. When you see her, you already know what's about to happen. “THAT girl” already has a reputation and it's hard to break.

No one wants a reputation tied to him or her, especially something that is negative. It is hard to break a negative reputation once several people have already spread it. THAT girl will be stuck in a box with no chance of breaking through. She may have a small chance of recovery, but remember, people with bad reputations aren’t easy to forget.

THAT girl is someone who can see that all the odds against her, yet she still tries knowing the result will be damaging. It is often that her friends will realize it at first and continue to help her get away from bad habits, but everyone has their breaking point and will eventually stop.

THAT girl may not always be involved in drama or a bad reputation, but she may just be the girl who holds everything in and never lets go.

THAT girl usually has some issues about herself that she hides from the rest of the world. She may seem like the happiest person in the world and on the inside, she’s crying and begging for help. THAT girl may have the most beautiful outside appearance and the most ugly personality.

To be honest, who really wants to be THAT girl? To be categorized, ridiculed, and simply ignored by your fed up friends? It’s easy to say that “I’ll never be THAT girl,” but do you truly know? How do you know you aren’t right now?

The answer is: You don’t. It’s hard to realize that you’re THAT girl unless you’re told about yourself, honestly.

 I was once THAT girl who accepted disrespect and craziness in a controlling relationship while my friends continuously told me to leave and let it go. I had to realize that I deserved better and that I would never let someone label me as THAT girl. Breaking away from that was the best feeling in the world, breath taking actually.

So, reflect upon yourself and vow that you will never allow anyone the opportunity to label you as THAT girl. Don’t be THAT girl!