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Do You Prefer 90’s R&B Or New School Music?

90’s R&B OR New School Music?

Have you ever sat and thought to compare today’s music? Which one do you like the most? In our era of music, it’s more of one hit wonder artists that come out with one song that gets everyone hype or people come out with music that doesn’t make any sense and actually makes money off their song. In my opinion, old school music has more relatable topics that we all can relate to. This kind of music is and will always be played! Let’s hear some more facts of which one is better. Do you think that it is the 90’s or 00’s music that will be better? Let’s see which one it will be.

90’s music has to be the best music that has ever come out. These women have made me love music more than I have ever had in my lifetime. While growing up, this was the music that I had to listen to and it has grown on me now until this day. I feel as if 90’s music with the women singing and making big hits, made me want to be a singer and pursue a great love like the lyrics they sang. Most of their songs were about love and relationships which made me think that this experience will be real one day for me. These women weren’t just singing about off the wall topics but they were actual singing about things many women can relate to. With today’s music, in my honest opinion, they don’t have a meaning to the songs like the 90’s music did. It seems like they were just put together, sung and recorded just to make money off of them without a true meaning or great feeling for the songs.  These are women that I will always look up to until because of their music that persuaded me to me a singer until this day.

Cassette tapes and cd’s/cd players were a BIG thing back in the day. We had to buy CD’s to listen to one’s album to whereas in today’s decade we can easily download it to our phones and play it from there. I absolutely love the ideas of being able to buy cd’s and have them in the car and be able to change the cd. Over the years we have upgraded to where CD’s aren’t needed. Being able to download it on our phones so quickly made it more convenient when we are in the car doing other things. This lead to being able to have headphones in all of the time rather than carrying a big cd player around with us and we could see and hear it right then and there on our phones. I loved the thought of going into stores and buying someone’s cd because it made me feel like a true fan that really supported vs. buying it on our phone and not feeling as much of a being a very supportive fan. 

Today’s music really can’t compete with the 90’s. Today’s music relates to a lot of sex, lyrics with no meaning intended on while singing about it, and sometimes even songs that make absolutely no sense at all! Beyonce had music in the 90’s so she kept growing into it more and more and became a really big star that I don’t think that no one else out here will be able to compete against her. She is pretty much the music icon for today’s R&B music because she is literally the best and has kept the meaningful topics into her music to where she can make a lot of money off of her albums that have a purpose. When it comes to artists these days, I believe that much time isn’t spent into putting these songs together to perfect and make them sound great with good quality . No one is talking about powerful topics anymore which makes the 90’s music way better than today’s new school music. 

Which one would you rather listen to? 90’s music or today’s music?


My name is Aaliyah Thomas. I attend Valdosta State University and I am a junior studying Middle Grades Education. I like to sing and take pictures! I own a sunglasses business called Nia Shades Collection and this is my first year being in HerCampus!