Do You Flick Your Bean? The Subtle Art of Masturbation.

As one sexually liberated and intuitive individual, I can say with pleasure that I love masturbating. It’s truly an amazing thing to be able to know and explore your body to the point of climax. But, with all this being said there is definitely no shame in women who decide not to masturbate or who are simply not sure how. I first discussed this with one of my friends, and my interest was peaked when she mentioned that she could not recall the last time she masturbated. This prompted me to talk about some of the benefits and fun toys for beginners.

First and foremost masturbation should not be seen as something shameful. If you’re someone that’s been doing it for a while (or even just started) I’m pretty sure you’ve had that thought, but through maturity and research, you come to understand that it’s very natural. If you started young, the very first thing that masturbation teaches you is YOU HAVE A VAGINA! You learn your body by exploring it so grab a mirror and look around down there. That actually brings me to the first benefit.

You learn your body/yourself 

In addition to learning about your anatomy, you learn what you like sexually or even romantically. Where do you like to be touched? What are some kinks you’ve wanted to try? If you don’t know what gets you going how do you expect someone else to.

It’s a stress reducer

During an orgasm, endorphins are being released in your body which in turn make you feel good. Maybe classes are getting a bit overwhelming. Maybe your job is stressing you out. Either way, this is the perfect de-stress activity.

You can really “Wow” yourself 

Masturbation doesn’t have to just be rubbing one out and then you’re done. Use this opportunity to go big. Lay out some rose petals. Light some candles. Really romance yourself; love is amazing and its even better when it’s self-love. You deserve it!

It relieves menstrual cramps 

I don’t really feel like much more needs to be said with this one. If you know you know. 

Although masturbation is fun, it might be difficult to really know what brings you to climax especially if you’ve never had an orgasm. Every women is different and will like or need different forms of stimulation to achieve orgasm. I’ve included just a few toys/tools that are helpful.  


These are very useful when it comes to clitoral and vaginal stimulation. If you can find one with different speed settings that's even better.


These are great for vaginal and anal stimulation. Look for something that’s relatively firm but soft enough to still be comfortable. 


Don’t forget you can always go the old fashioned way. I find this to be sweet and more personal especially when your trying to “wow” yourself.

I hope that some of these benefits convinced you to start flicking your bean, and maybe even gave you some new things to try.