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Diving Deeper Into Astrology: Your Sun and Moon Sign

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“What’s your sign?” This is a question that many of us have used in multiple situations. Whether it’s to break the awkward silence on a first date, to determine whether or not your new friend passes the “vibe check”, or to use as an excuse to talk about ourselves, we can count on this question to at least be a fun way to connect with others. There’s a lot of skepticism around astrology since there are people who don’t relate to the characteristics of their sign. But, what if I told you that you had more that one sign? What if I told you that you act like all twelve signs in different areas of your life?? I hope I just blew some of your minds, because it’s true. For now, though, we’ll just focus on 3 of those signs; Your Sun sign, and your Moon sign.

These three placements are apart of your entire birth chart. If you don’t know what a birth chart/natal chart is, it’s like a snapshot picture of the galaxy the very moment you were born. It shows where the planets (even some stars and asteroids) were and how they interacted with each other when you were born. Each of these astrological bodies move through the 12 zodiac signs in a cycle. Everyone’s birth chart is unique to them. Which is why you may find that not all Aries act the same, or not all Leo’s act the same. To access your specific birth chart, go to this website: https://horoscopes.astro-seek.com/birth-chart-horoscope-online and enter your date of birth, your time of birth, and your city of birth. It’ll look really complicated at first, but for now just look for your Sun and Moon.

Your Sun Sign

This is the sign that you’re probably most familiar with. If someone asks, “What’s your sign?” You’ll responed with, “Oh, I’m a Taurus” or “I’m a Pisces” It’s the sign you associate with your birthday. In astrology, it’s the sign the Sun was moving in at your time of birth. What does your sun sign mean? Well, to me, your sun sign represents three things: Your self-identity, your purpose, and your creative power.

Self Identity: Your sun sign represents the person you think you are, how you want others to others to see you, and who you want to become. Even deeper, it represents the quest we go on throughout life to find ourselves. Just like the concept of self-identity, you will uncover aspects of your self (Sun) as you experience life. The older you get the more you develop into your true self (Sun). You may look at qualities of your Sun sign and find that you may identify more with “negative” traits of your sign rather than the “positive” traits, or vice-versa. Either way, don’t take it personal or think that you aren’t your Sun sign because you don’t embody all of the traits. Just know, that as time goes on, as life goes on, you will develop more and more of these traits within yourself. This is all about the journey of finding yourself.

Purpose: Now that you know a bit more about your self-identity, the second step is to find what it is you’re meant to do in this lifetime. Are you meant to provide for others? Are you meant to create a family? Are you meant to heal others? Are you meant to learn or to teach? To just live in luxury? You will find this answer in your Sun sign as well. Just like the physical Sun, our Sun sign is what gets us up in to morning. It fills us up with light and joy for life. We set goals for the day when the Sun rises. Therefore, you can also think of your Sun sign as the goals you set to make in your life. What you want people to remember you for; the mark you want to leave.

Creative Power: the last aspect of your Sun sign that I want to talk about today is creative power. I’m not just talking about creativity in the sense of fine arts, though that can apply as well. I’m talking about creativity in the sense of the life you wish to create. What you want to live and how you want to live it; Who you want to be and how you want to be it. It’s how you express yourself and the picture you paint in your head when you think of your dream life.

Your Moon Sign

The Moon shines light in the dark. It brings our attention to the things hidden from us or are just hard to see. The Moon makes us vulnerable. We stay inside when it’s dark; we try to protect ourselves from the dark. You can think of your moon sign in this same way. For today, I want to break down the meaning of your Moon sign into 2 parts: Nature and nurture.

Nature: Your Moon sign represents who you are by instinct. The aspects within yourself that appear when you aren’t interacting with the world, but when you’re by yourself or in intimate relationships. What shines within you when no one is looking. The parts of you that are more difficult for others to see. You may even hide these parts of yourself from others. This is the rawer more emotional side of yourself and how you express it. As an infant, before you form a sense of self identity (Sun) you are but a mere sponge, soaking up the environment around us. Observing and reacting to the people, places, and circumstances interacting with you. I like to associate the Moon sign with the inner child. Those baser instincts ingrained in us as children. It’s extremely important for you to take care of your Moon sign, because it’s what will help you feel properly nourished and protected. When you don’t feel nourished or protected, you will rely on your instincts in order to find it and that’s not a healthy way to live. This sign can teach you how to properly practice self care and how to honor your inner child, helping to heal the wounds inflicted that you continue to carry to this day.

Nurture: This placement also ties to how you were nurtured as a child; it can represent your relationship with your mother/primary care taker. What is fed to you is what you feed to others. These are where you find the values you’ve learned from your upbringing. In how our mothers nurtured us, we learn how to nurture ourselves and how to nurture others. Depending on the sign this placement is in for you and how your Moon interacts with other placements in your chart, you can find the idea of nurture easier or more difficult. The lesson here is to find a healthy balance in relationships and what a healthy relationship looks like to you; with others, yourself, and the environment around you.

I hope this gave you a bit more insight on astrology and how it’s expressed through you. If not, I hope this was at least interesting to read lol. This may go without saying, but all in all, you should understand that you are unique. The way you are is the way you are, and there’s no reason to find shame in that. Astrology has shown me that people are way more complex and multi-faceted than we may perceive them to be. We all have our own unique energy and our own unique needs and desires, the goal is to learn how to healthy express and seek these energies, needs, and desires.

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