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The Divine Water Signs

The universe has so much in store. One interesting component it entails is zodiac signs. A zodiac sign can tell a lot about a person, from how they think, feel, and respond to certain situations. All 12 zodiac signs are divided into different states of matter. You have Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. Of all the elements, Water signs are one for a kind. Water signs consist of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces signs, and they rule the Fourth, Eighth, and Twelfth Houses. People born under a water sign has a high sense of creativity, sensitivity, and intuition. A water sign has trouble with relating to most fire signs, while they can get along with air and earth signs. Air signs and water signs tie in with one another.

If you run into an artist, a writer or a painter, they might be a Water sign or have a rising sun or moon with Water. Artistically inclined, they have a buoyant sense of style and music taste. With their emotions in full control, they harness the ability to transfer what they feel into a work of art. Water signs are as mysterious as the oceans they run in. Much like water, the Water sign runs deep and can adapt to almost any situation they face. They tend to feel more emotions and relate to others the most. It’s no wonder why they are always so willing to help others. Helping and gratitude are what makes a Water sign feel complete. If they aren’t providing Assistance’s, helping people feel better at their worst, or being able to relate to that person, then a Water signs task simply isn’t complete.

When this group of creatives is calm like the sea, they’re probably in a world of imagination. They tend to live in two different worlds: reality and their dreams. When a water sign is stuck in their dreams, it’s almost impossible to level back to the real world. Once they do, they can get a sense of emptiness and may even feel like something is missing. A Water sign like’s their alone time, so they can live in their fantasies as long as they can. 

While the Water sign is compassionate, it can also be their downfall. They rely on their emotions instead of rationality when making decisions. Their emotions can take full control majority of the time. In efforts of being empathetic, they can tend to make someone else’s problem a matter of their own. They’ll whine up getting lost in that person’s dilemma, instead of focusing on their own trials and tribulations. In a nutshell, they may set themselves on fire just to keep others warm. 

Depending on how you label it, a Water sign can also be moody, in their efforts to adapt back and forth from reality. Like the moon that controls the tides, emotions are what leads a water sign through anything. Because of this, they tend to be clever. They know the power their emotions hold, so they don’t try to release them all at once. No one wants to be overwhelmed with feelings. However, don’t mistake their kindness for weakness. Even though they’re loving, it’s not best to be on their bad side. They won´t try to seek revenge, most times they’ll just leave you in your ways while they go theirs. 

On a brighter side, If you fall in love with a Water sign, you’ll be in a world full of pleasure. Water signs are nurturers by nature and put theirs all into a partnership. Because they are invested in emotions, they’ll do whatever it takes to make their partner happy. Often holding psychic abilities, a Water sign can read your emotions and always know when trouble is worrying someone. Pisces, in particular, are skilled at this craft. Water signs have often been labeled sensitive, and this reason is why their love is so passionate. 

Water in itself is an interesting element. It can quench thirst, it can break down the substance, and cleanse and purify. It´s impossible to live in a world without water. Imagine how impossible it would be to live without knowing a water sign. Water signs live in their soul tides and flow like the oceans and rivers. Getting to know this imaginative and creative group of people may make your life simpler. From this, I hope you get a better understanding of this mysterious yet compelling group of people. 

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