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School is back in session and I am already exhausted. The work is already piling up and my back is telling me that I should be going into retirement immediately. 

For a lot of us, back to school means back to pulling our hair out. The spring semester during a pandemic is not our first rodeo but that does not mean that it is any less difficult, from clarifying what the syllabus means to jotting down upcoming assignments and quizzes in our planners. To keep us from going bald here are a couple of destressing activities to pick up on for the new semester.


Start your upcoming stressful day by stretching out those pain in the neck assignments and Zoom meetings. There are tons of yoga poses that are known for being great stress-relievers. You can go as far as you like in yoga, from your basic child pose to the extreme crow pose. 


Journaling can help you express all the thoughts that just can’t seem to get out. Your journal or notes on your phone will be the best friend that will always be there for your rants whenever you need to. Plus they won’t tell anyone about how you feel about your new professor. 

Self-care session

Self-care should always be a part of taking care of yourself but during those times of extreme stress add something that will make your routine even better. The great thing about self-care is that it comes in many forms as well. Whether you decide to add a bubble bath or a dedicated laundry day to your weekend it will be a moment of relaxation for you. 

Go for a walk

Sometimes just stepping away from work for a few minutes is for the best. Taking a walk allows you to regain your thoughts and composure as well as just simply have a bit of time to yourself. Go outside and smell the fresh air but don’t forget to go back inside and finish your assignments.

Have a snack

Who doesn’t love an excuse to have a snack? Fun fact: foods that have antioxidants like blueberries and potassium like bananas are great for relieving stress. Or you can just get your favorite junk food and indulge for a bit. Remember to snack responsibly. 

Music session

Dance while you cry or cry while you dance, it’s all up to you. Shake off the class that has been stressing you out by dancing to your favorite. For this, you don’t have to be a skilled dance nor do you have to dance at all, you can bob your head and tap your foot. Sing the blues away. 

Jasmin Small

Valdosta '23

Hey ladies!! I am a student Valdosta State University. (Class of 2023 WHOOP WHOOP) I major in journalism and minor in mass media. I'm a pretty fun person to be around (at least I hope that I am).
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