Dating: Red Flags to Watch For

Dating has evolved. With the age of technology and dating apps, our knack for dating isn’t the same, but some things haven’t changed: bad partners. They come all the same. Whether in the form of asking for “nudies” or asking wildly manipulative and leading questions, they haven’t changed much. So, here are a few red flags to look out for if you’ve started dating a new person. 


1.)    Overbearing Jealousy

While this can be cute in some cases, if you feel tension and lack of that playful energy when that hug with your old friend last a second too long, then you might want to be on the lookout. Being protective is one thing, but you should never feel like being a friendly and amicable human being puts your relationship at risk. 


2.)    Foul and Offensive Language

If you’re new "intimate friend" can’t go singular moments without using words like, “cunt,” “bitch,” “whore,” “slut,” or god FORBID any racial slurs, then it’s something to take note of. There’s a particular type of tact some don’t possess and sometimes that carries over into their love life. 

3.)    Name Calling

If your partner calls you mean and derogatory names regularly, don’t allow that. Unless that’s your loving dynamic, but never feel bad in a situation where you express your dislike of those names. Jokes or not, your feelings matter!

4.)    Hesitancy to Apologize

A person who is unable to take 100% of their wrongdoings to you is a person in need of a reality check. Don’t let that be okay. Communicate that openly and honestly. If it isn’t received well then #BreakUpWithHim

5.)    Tragic Endings to All Previous Relationship(s)

If all their previous relationships ended in a mess that either means one of two things: They are a terrible person to go through tough times with or they attract devils and demons into their space easily. 

6.)    Habitual Lying

Little white lies are a thing I suppose, but lying for senseless things may mean they have a habit that doesn’t exclude large and important things. 

7.)    Changes in front of people

If your partner turns into some crazy different person during your outings with other human beings, then note that! Especially if you have a problem with it, but that could be indicative of a person that isn’t secure in themselves or a flashy person with a taste for the flash to impress people. Either way. It’s something to think about.

8.)    Will receive oral sex, but won’t reciprocate

This is very simple. #GetOut 


This isn’t by any means a list to tell people to leave their partners if they aren’t in the slightest perfect. At all times, make sure you’re with someone that is interested in “mastering themselves” in the words of Jada Pinkett Smith. People are imperfect and make mistakes, but without that desire to be a better person for themselves, it may be time to leave that person.