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The Cycle of Dating, Told in Disney Gifs

After being hurt from the last guy for weeks, or even months (yeah, you’re not too proud of it), you finally turn off the sappy love songs and decide to get back into the dating pool.

Your friends drag you out to a bar and the group is looking cute, as always.

You’re ready to grab that cutie you always see on campus. You spot him buying a drink and you start making embarrassing, flirtatious, “sexy” gestures that innitially seemed like a good idea.

Reluctantly he falls for them and asks you for a dance. You look at him like an innocent little girl when you know the complete opposite is happening in your head.

You’ve had a few drinks in your system so your flirting skills have improved.  

But you’re both too tipsy to have a civilized conversation so you exchange numbers and the two of you start texting. And if he’s worth any of your time, he’ll ask you out on a date. So you’re getting ready for the date like:

He seems like a dream. You’re imagining the date will go like:

Perhaps it doesn’t go so wonderfully and all he talks about is football and chews with his mouth open. But let’s say it does go as planned. You come home feeling like:

Maybe you guys live happily ever after… or perhaps you’re just kissing another frog. Maybe he starts texting you at 1 a.m. or you’re having to screen his late-night-only calls.

Or maybe he’s condescending. Or not interesting enough. Whatever the case, you’re just not feeling it.

Or let’s say he appears to be one of the good guys, and the two of you start seriously dating. You’re back in the dating pool once and for all!

But something goes wrong. This may take weeks, months, years. Maybe he cheated, you cheated, the fighting became too much, or it simply wasn’t meant to be. You realize it’s time to do what you have to do: let go. Again.

It sucks because now you’re back at square one. 

And this starts happening again:

Or, depending on the circumstances, maybe even this:

But you’ve just got to chalk it up to experience, sister. You start to get better with time, and all those old feelings eventually go away like:

Not that it was easy, just that it was necessary. You can finally say this with confidence again:

And this:

And eventually, you’re back at it again! After all, you’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs to get to your prince! Make the best of it!

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