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1. Pizza & Paint

I don’t know about you, but I love pizza, and this would be a great little twist to your typical sip and paint. You and your partner can enjoy a delicious pizza while painting, such a great combo if you ask me. 


2. Picnic Fort

You may have heard about picnics and building forts, but you mostly likely never heard of a picnic fort. Basically you set up a nice and comfy fort for you and your partner and make it a picnic. This is great for getting cozy and disconnecting from everyone else.


3. Scavenger Hunt 

One of you guys can set up a scavenger hunt and leave a suprise at the end or whatever floats your boat. You can get as creative as you want with a scavenger hunt as long as your partner doesn’t put themselves in danger. 


4. Bake Off 

Put your baking skills to a test and go against each other.


5. Game Day

Instead of having game night, you and your partner can play games during the day. 


Mashawna Small

Valdosta '23

Hi, I'm Mashawna and I'm from Savannah.
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