Current Controversies

Another day, another article, but trust me, this week you'll want to get prepared because there are several controversies that have swept the nation. As much as I would like to cover all of them, I'll just touch on the top three that everyone should know about. It's no surprise that politics has always been a dirty business. It surprises me that we elect these people to office and expect them to do what is best for society and the environment we live in. Even when an effort is made, for some reason, something always comes up and never goes as planned. All of these factors have played a role in the current controversies we slowly started to hear the media discuss. 

1. G7 Summit

A little background on the G7 Summit--it began in 1975 as the G6 and is basically a meeting of the top economies in the world. At this summit, issues such as climate change, militarism, equality, etc. are discussed. Over time, other countries joined the group while some left, leaving only seven countries in the group today: USA, Japan, UK, Canada, France, Germany, and Italy. We're only a few days into the submit and already, Trump has decided to skip out on the discussion of climate change (not surprised). Now while his team claims that it was due to prior scheduled meetings, it's no surprise that he missed the meeting on climate change because in the past, he has made statements proving that he doesn't care for climate change or at least doesn't see it as a big issue right now. Lastly came surprise visit from the Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif. This came as a shock because Trump is adamant on the fact that Iran shouldn't have nuclear weapons. Keep holding on because there is more controversy.

2. Amazon on Fire

This came as a shock to many, but to me, it seems like I just woke up one day and saw that the lungs of our Earth were on fire. The Amazon Forest, located in South America, is one of our Earth's beauties. It covers a vast amount of Northern South America. Recently, the world woke up to the news that it is currently on fire, and by currently, I mean as you're sitting here reading about it, it is on fire. In my mind, I keep wondering why, at the least, a plane with large gallons of water hasn't been sent to fly over the Amazon and spray the water over the fire to put it out. Maybe it's not that simple, but my point is nothing has been done, and it baffles me that this is being treated as if this doesn't severely hurt our planet. If you find yourself struggling to breath over time, just know it may be because your politicians have failed at trying to put out the fire. The reason being why this may affect our oxygen intake, is because the amazon produces 20% of the world's oxygen. So you do the math and hope they do the work. 

3. #Clintonbodycount

Now when you first read the hashtag, you were probably like, "Kylah, nobody cares about who Bill Clinton has slept with". Okay, well I'm here to tell you it's not that kind of body count, and Bill isn't the only one involved. It started off as a small rumor about a decade ago saying the Clinton's are connected to the death of some high profile politicians and elites. Therefore, the body count refers to the number of people that may have, allegedly, been killed by the Clinton's. The news of this has been brought up in the midst of Jeffery Epstein's suicide. Many have linked the history of Bill Clinton and Epstein. Jeffery Epstein was in prison at the time of his death under the charges of sexual assault.  As you can see by the names involved in this controversy or maybe conspiracy, major news networks are hesitant to speak on it because of the elites involved in this situation.

Your mind is probably blown at all that's been going on, and it can be stressful to focus on these things since there's always a million things going on. However, you'd be surprised at just how simply having the conversation can bring about change from the young people of today, particularly GenZ, since we are now more politically involved than ever. It is up to us to stir up some kind of conversation and bring awareness.