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Conversations You Should Have with your Mom

Growing up with only a mother had its ups and downs, and it only seemed to have gotten worse middle school up until college. Once I moved out and had my own place, I found myself missing my mothers presence. The imperative conversations we never had when I was growing up made me feel anger towards her, but I can happily say we talk about them now and this includes:

1) SEX!

This is probably one of the biggest ones obviously. Ask anything and everything regarding this topic in order to get as much info as you can from your mom. Though, be cautious when doing so because her opinion is not always the right opinion. Ask your friends and other family members as well!

2) Independence

My mother had always relied on men to be the "head of the house-hold" and to take charge. Though when I asked her about it, she wasn't aware of her actions because that is the generational norms she grew up with. Bringing this into the light can help you make important decisions later in life and give you a solid foundation. 

3) Babies

Whether you want them or not, this is a good conversation topic.

4) Authenticity

More than likely, we do not act the same around our moms as we do our friends;but as you grow up and find yourself, the two may start to mesh together. Just be true to who you are, and if your mother doesn't like that then it is her loss. Do not change for anyone and keep toxicity away!  


Nicole Mccoy

Valdosta '21

Attending Valdosta State University, majoring in Business Management
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