Confessions of a Social Butterfly

We all know those people who seem to be friends with just about anyone. It's as if there's not one person that they can’t befriend. I just so happen to be one of those people. You know the kind who totally cannot relate to keeping a small circle and only hanging out with a specific crowd? That would be me. Floating on the wings of social butterfly-ness has always been my thing. There are certain perks that come with being sociable, but just like anything else, there are also downfalls. 

Perk: You never get bored with people because you’re acquainted with so many different personalities. There are plenty of interesting conversations and experiences that can only be unlocked by those who are willing to get to know new people.

Downfall: Sometimes, you want to hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your face. You may wake up on the wrong side of the bed or simply decide you’re not so into doing the people-person thing on that particular day. Well you might as well get ready for somebody to make you feel bad about it. But I’m here to tell you, you have the right to have a bad day and you shouldn’t feel bad about it!

Perk: Sometimes your life feels like an episode of Friends! Okay, maybe not as cool or hilarious...and you may not have time or money to sit in a coffee shop like they do, but you know what I mean. As many times as you’ve been in sticky situations, awkward mishaps, or captivating exchanges, you should have a TV series based on how entertaining your life with your clique truly is.

Downfall: You find yourself getting stretched too thin. Some people have very convenient lives and they never find themselves double booked. Life gets a little complicated when everybody deserves one-on-one time, but there’s only one you! And depending on the situation, friends are not always understanding of you having other friends.

Perk: You'll be more equipped to work in customer service or an office setting. You’re already used to coming in contact with all sorts and varieties of people in your time off. Once you clock in it seems to be a different ball park. Now you’re dealing with people that you wouldn’t necessarily choose to interact with, but your extrovert tendencies will come in handy when you need them.

Downfall: So remember when I say “friends are not always understanding of you having other friends?” That is a real life struggle. Especially if you’re super cool with your friend Penelope, but you’re also super cool with Chantel, but one doesn’t like the other. It gets a little difficult to manage, but you care about both of them too much to cut ties.

Regardless of just how friendly you are, remember to make time for the best friend of them ALL— yourself! Seriously, nothing compares to a little me time when you get so accustomed to rationing time to different people and events in your everyday life.