College Students and Voting

So early voting has taken place the last couple of weeks and I keep on hearing TOO many excuses from people our age. The worst one I've heard is: "I'm not political, so I'm not going to vote." Sis whet? 

Not being political is fine, but taking our voting rights for granted is literally the opposite. We have the power to change something. One vote may seem like it doesn't matter, but it could really be the difference. Judge Lynn Toler said it best: "Did I ever tell you I won my first judicial election by 6 votes? SIX. Moral of the story: #VOTE." 

Our country is in a state of major turmoil, hate, and disconnect. If we keep on allowing the same people who have been running things, to run things, that is the definition of insanity. Also, you cannot complain about something, you did nothing to change. I firmly believe if you see a problem, come with a solution. Don't be the person that is just always unhappy about something, but is also a sitting duck.

November 6 is our call to action. Go out and make your voice heard!