Coachella Fashion Must Haves

Okay so if you don’t know already…. It’s Coachella season! Ahhhh! The live music, hanging out with friends, and let’s not forget the fashion! If you’re ever lucky to go to Coachella then your life might as well be complete. But for some, we’re not as lucky to go to Coachella. But there’s nothing wrong with embracing the cute clothes and accessories, because who doesn’t love fashion? Embrace Coachella season with these cute clothes and accessories!

1. The Flower Crown

Embrace the flower crown, breathe the flower crown, be the flower crown. It’s a fan favorite that is always seen on almost every girl’s forehead. It’s a MUST HAVE!

2. The Floppy Hat

If you’re not wearing a flower crown then you should wear the floppy hat. It’s cute and it also has a superpower… keeping the sun from blinding you!

3. The Floral Kimono

The flowy light cardigan is usually the best part of lots of outfits at Coachella.

4. White Floral Lace

Doesn’t matter if it’s a dress, top, or shorts. It’s white floral lace! Need I say more?

5. Flowy Dress

Because it’s cute, light, and if there’s a breeze, you’ll feel it!

6. Face Jewelry

Coachella fashion has the bohemian style to it. Face Jewelry would be really great if your outfit doesn’t stand out already.

7. Fringe necklaces

If your outfit is missing something, it’s definitely the lack of a fringe necklace because they are so cute!