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Check List for Fall 2016

Fall semester couldn’t have gotten here any sooner. With all the sadness of saying farewell to summer days, you must quickly prepare yourself for a successful semester. Whether it’s you senior year or it’s the beginning of your sophomore year, there’s a few things you must have on your checklist to ensure success this semester.  


Your planner is pretty much your Bible for the school year. Make sure you get one that fits your personality perfectly, you’ll be carrying this bad boy around all the time. As soon as you get the opportunity, go ahead and jot down important meetings, assignment due dates, special events, and deadlines. Once the year gets started you’ll need every reminder you can get.  

Book bag 

It can be a book bag or a tote bag, or even both, this is an essential item! You’ll have some days where you’ll feel as if you’re carrying around your whole life and having a book bag will come in handy. Just like a planner, buy one that fits your personality.  

Water bottle  

Everyone knows that fall in Valdosta doesn’t actually feel like fall. For the most part you’ll be expecting extremely hot weather or rain, if not both! When you’re taking finals in December, its almost guaranteed you’ll be wearing shorts that day. So save yourself from dehydration and also money by investing in a water bottle.  

Positive mentality  

No matter what happened in the spring or even summer consider this fall semester a fresh start. Let go of anything that may be preventing you from being happy. Remember that one key to success is positivity. Believe in yourself, push yourself, use any mistake as motivation to do better. Use these things as daily motivation; whether it’s an inspirational quote, Bible verses, or music. As long as it has a positive impact on you apply it to your daily routine to keep you motivated!  

Set goals

Whether you have long term or short term goals if not both, remind yourself what they are. This way you’re being motivated each day of the semester to reach these goals. They can be you getting on the Dean’s List or landing that internship you’ve been wanting. Your goals may be losing or even gaining weight, getting over the guy who broke your heart or finding inner happiness. Whatever your goals may be, wake up everyday and remind yourself of them.  

Make you sure you have crossed everything on your checklist. Stay positive and driven, remember that you’re capable of anything you want and be confident! Good luck! 




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