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Characters We Love to Hate: Grey’s Anatomy

Over the summer I watched all 12 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, and I must say Shondaland did not disappointment. I must admit I was not looking forward to watching 12 seasons of a series, but producer and creator Shonda Rhimes has blessed me with How to Get Away with Murder and Scandal, so I did not see any harm in giving another one of her shows a chance. The show is an emotional roller coaster, but it leaves you wanting more. One thing I hear about often are the lovable characters from the show, but I never hear about the not so lovable characters of the show. Do not get me wrong I fell in love with Christina, Miranda, Callie, and a few others, but some characters never won me over. This is a list of the characters I could always trust to let me down.


Alex Karev

Most People: Love him because he is super sensitive and takes a special interest in all of pediatric cases. A lot of Grey’s fans fell for him because of his way with children. Another characteristic that people loved was how deeply he loved the women in his life, and when he did love them he cared with his entire heart. People also love the fact that because of his troubled past he is the way that he is.

Me: That is cute and all, but can we not ignore the fact that when things did not go his way this sweet kind caring man would turn into a huge child and react violently, aggressively, and without thought? I am fully aware of his terrible childhood and the fact that he has dealt with a lot as a child and an adult, however, we have all had terrible things happen to us. He treated Izzie and Addison like crap once they got too close. He tormented George for no good reason. He also turned on Meredith at one point because he did not get the position he wanted.

In Conclusion: Alex is my favorite character on this list, but it also took 11 seasons for me to warm up to his character.

Derek Sheppard

Most People: He is kind, intelligent, loving, and has a nice full head of hair throughout the series. Many fans love the sparkle in McDreamy’s eyes when he looks at Merideth and their children.  He takes his time with Merideth because he understands her past. He selflessly denied career opportunities to keep his family together.

Me: This is probably the only cracter on this list that i truly love and hate. When I first met Derek, in the beginning seasons, I thought he was a pretty cool guy what I did not like was his treatment of Merideth and Addison. He wanted to work things out with Addison yet continued to treat her like crap, he did not try to work on their marriage much, and he continued his relationship with Merideth. During this time when Merideth was moving on he slut shamed her, while ignoring what he was doing to Addison and his unprofessionalism. Speaking of his unprofessionalism, do you guys remember when he threw Amelia, his baby sister, under the bus because he wanted his job back? Also he did deny himself opportunites in order to keep his family together BUT DO NOT PLAY DUMB he also held that over Merideth’s.

In Conclusion: I think Derek is a well meaning man that allows his anger & personal views to cloud his judgment.

Izzie Stevens

Most People: Love that she came from a hard background, but made sure she succeeded. She made decisions with her heart even when they were unpopular decisions. She was willing to put her heart and job on the line when it came to her patients.

Me: I think the level of unprofessionalism displayed by Izzie Stevens during her time on the show as deplorable. She got too close to her patients and did not understand how to keep boundaries. She slut shamed Merideth when she was already down even though she was living Merideth’s house! She convinced Callie that she did not have feelings for George, but proceeded to have sex with her married friend George. When confronted with by her actions instead of taking responsibility she asked Christina what was the difference between what she did and what Merideth did. To top everything instead of talking to, her then husband, Alex she completely abandoned him even though she was aware of the abandonment issues he continually deals with. I do not think Izzie knows what the word loyalty means. I do not think she knows how to deal with her own issues and be a good person towards the people who care about her most.

In Conclusion: I still don’t like her and I am glad she left. I am glad she is rarely talked about. I am also glad that Alex moved on without her!


Arizona Robbins

Most People: She is an upbeat doctor that does not allow obstacles to get in her way. She is so smart, energetic, and kind. She adds a certain spark to the show.

Me: Wow, Arizona is my least favorite character and I legitimately do not know where to begin this drag. First thing first let us begin with her treatment of Callie during the series. During the beginning of their relationship she made it seem as though Callie was not enough because she was bisexual. This was a red flag for me. Callie picks up her life to move to Africa after Arizona receives an unbelievable offer to move to Africa. Instead of talking to her sooner she waits until Callie has packed up her life and is in route to Africa to tell her she does not want her to come along because she complained too much that day. I will give her that because complaining is annoying, but for her to come back into Callie’s life an expect everything to be okay is beyond selfish. Now let us continue to Callie’s pregnancy. For a majority of the pregnancy she complains about Mark being the father. Mark is a fan favorite, so for her not to like one of the most loveable characters even a little bit was a red flag. After the plane crash she suffered from an infectious cut, and had to have her leg amputated. She legitimately blamed Callie for making the decision that saved her life. She also used her leg as an excuse to why she cheated on Callie. She also went on to have an affair with an intern that led to Callie being punished. Lastly, she tried to take Sophia away from Callie. After watching 12 seasons of this show we can all agree that Callie wanted to work out something to where they could both see Sophia, but Arizona just wanted to take Callie TO COURT. After everything she put Callie through she had the nerve to take Callie to court. That is just Callie! Let’s talk about when she jumped on the plane, that inevitably crashed, because she was mad at Alex for accepting a new job. May we also reflect on her blaming him for her leg at one point?  She also broke the unoffical girl code and official doctor paitient confidentiality to tell Jackson about April’s pregnancy. . .All in all I think Arizona is selfish and unable to consider how other people feel.

In Conclusion: SHE SUCKS. 


Toni Miles is a Mass Media Major with aspirations of writing, producing her own documentaries, and directing short films in the future. 
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