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Celebrating Friendsgiving

Most of the country is getting prepared for a week full of Thanksgiving festivities. But for some of us, traveling home or to be with family isn’t an option due to our hectic schedule. That doesn’t mean you should miss out on feeling the warmth and coziness of family and a full belly. Grab your friends and sit down to a new tradition this year! Friendsgiving, is the perfect way to make sure the whole squad feels the love this Thanksgiving.  I’ll let you know a couple tips to help make this Friendsgiving one to remember.

Decorate accordingly 

If everybody is going to be gathered at your place for the feast, some light decorating can help bring that “home” feeling. You can buy a mixed bouquet and split up between two mason jars for table decoration. Even a couple festively themed candles can go a long way in creating the atmosphere.

Have enough food….and wine

No matter whether you’re doing Thanksgiving with family or friends, it can be a real stress fest. Minimize your stress by making sure that there will be enough fixins for everyone. Delegate dishes and kitchen duties so that everyone has a hand in contributing.

Snacks and Games

Sometimes as a host you don’t realize how much people snack while they are waiting. But this is especially true when people are anxious for food to be finished, the best way to keep impatient bellies busy is to distract them with food and games. While the food is cooking and last dishes are being prepared, have some snacks for munching on. This is also the perfect opportunity to take some time to play a game or reflect on all the things to be thankful for in 2016.

 If your stuck not getting to be with your family this Thanksgiving, share in the blessing of friendship and Turkey with the people who understand all your quirks. Happy Thanksgiving!


Tayla Means is a PR Girl working to get her Bachelors in communication at Valdosta State University. When she's not overwhelmed with the duties of senior year, she likes to take time out to enjoy the company of good friends in the great outdoors. This Ohio native, aspires to work in Brand Management and Hospitatlity from a location that feeds into her passion for travel and adventure. 
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