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Cartoons To Watch

Not all cartoons are meant for kids, there are a few series that are meant for young adults. There are raunchy shows that are clearly meant for adults and then there are gems that look like they are meant for kids, but they are really and truly meant for us. Cartoons are a great way to switch up your normal binge watching habits. 


Steven Universe

Steven Universe is a Cartoon Network Original that follows the interesting adventures of a young boy named…. you guessed it Steven Universe! The show follows his life as he becomes a hero with the help of the Crystal Gems: Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. He is also helped by his friend Connie, his loving dad Greg, and his pet Lion. Every episode leads to something, revelas an issue of the past & future or shows some sort of character development. When I say every episode I mean every episode, there was an Uncle Grandpa crossover, and if they can make that mean something, they can do anything. 

Adventure Time

Adventure Time follows the Finn the Human and Jake the Dog, along with tons of other friends and citizens within the Candy Kingdom. On the outside this show seems to be a bunch of colors and non-sense that occasionally connects. However, if you really watch it and pay attention this show is full of foreshadowing, easter eggs, motifs, and other surprises that links the story together. If you enjoy connecting the dots and having “AHA” moments this is definitely a show you want to invest in during the future. 

Young Justice

Young Justice focuses on the sidekicks of famous heroes we have come to know and love. It showcases the power and team work of this young dedicated group of heroes. The show is also sprinkled with cute relationships, family issues, and drama! If you have even the slightest interest in superheroes you will definitely want to give this show a chance. It has 2 seasons currently streaming on Netflix. The show was canceled a few years ago, but there are whispers about Netflix buying the show in the future. 

Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers follows the middle class Belcher family while they work to keep their restaurant and family afloat. The Belcher’s seem to find themselves in the most random and interesting stories throughout the series. Bob, Linda, Louise, Tina, and Gene are one of the most loveable middle class white families on American television. You will come to love them, their friends, their foes, and their antics. It currently has 5 seasons streaming on Netflix. 


Archer is a about the farcical dealings of a spy agency and its employees. In the beginning it centers around super spy Sterling Archer, but as the show progesses you learn to enjoy the other characters more than you want. This show is the most outlandish show on the list. If you like dirty jokes, violence, and other vices this is the perfect cartoon for you. The plot has great continuity so it will be a story from beginning to end. Archer currently has 6 seasons streaming on Netflix. 



Toni Miles is a Mass Media Major with aspirations of writing, producing her own documentaries, and directing short films in the future. 
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