A Cardi B Guide To Being Carefree

​Becalis Almanzar, also known as Cardi B, is a Bronx made stripper/dancer gone reality TV star, and now rapper. There’s been a great deal of conversation surrounding her, her music, her home life, her relationships, and even her political standing. But more often than not, I find myself in conversations about whether or not Cardi B is a good role model for the younger generations and such. However, what we cannot deny is her female empowering music that reflects her come up! So, here's a bit of motivation from the desk of Cardi B. 



1. " Wake up and go get some money and find your niche." - Foreva

- Some weeks are often looked at as dreary and dreaded, however with the help of Cardi B, we can change that perspective. This week is an opportunity to potentially do a reassessment of your goals. Give your self something to accomplish this week out of the normal. Give yourself a plan to not only have motivation today, but when hump day gets here and it seems like every single thing is crashing and burning around you. You never know, this week could be the beginning of you finding what you truly love to do...and Cardi is telling us to do JUST that! Find that niche, girl!



2. " Don't give a f*** 'bout who ain't fond of me." - Bodak Yellow

- Naysayers are a permanent part of life. People are going to judge your feelings and decisions constantly and you have to RECLAIM your time and peace of mind by giving them all the silent treatment. Pretend they aren't there shedding all their negative energy in your life. People will, sometimes unknowingly, project their own fears onto you and Cardi B has mastered the art of blocking those haters. Do you, boo. Do you.



 3. "Was grinding all night, didn't sleep 'til the sun up." -Lick 

- Procrastination is a terrible habit to fall into and this week you can release that demon. Sleep is essential to your health. So, plan accordingly and don't allow yourself to be worn out from lack of sleep! School is already hard enough. if you find yourself in a position where an all nighter is needed, get all your work done in THAT night, so you can be clear to catch up on the sleep the next possible chance you get. You'll thank me later.



4. " Kill a weave, rock a lace." -No Limit

- I'd seen this advice all over the place before I took it and what Cardi has to offer is just that: Look better, feel better. If you feel down or inadequate, unmotivated for the long day to come at least give yourself the benefit of walking past reflective surfaces and seeing how drop dead gorgeous you look! You can also strike a mean power pose any time during your day to give yourself the necessary pick me up!  Well, that's all I got sis. You got this week. It will NOT defeat you and you will be victorious.


Have a "poppington" week, y'all!