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Capture the Moment

Pictures are a wonderful thing, but nothing beats printed photos. It has become so easy and second nature to capture photos of our everyday lives, yet we don’t tend to do much with them anymore. Prints of our favorite shots are what make a moment matter, they are what make a moment last.

1. Scrapbook

Take all of the prints you get and make it easy on yourself by keeping them in a place that matters and is all together. You could get something cheap and simple to do nothing more than just slide the pictures in place. Or, you could choose to get something a little fancier with open pages to arrange prints how you please as well as add stickers, captions, or doodles!

2. Frames

Decoration around are rooms can make it all feel so much more cozy. Picture frames on table tops and hung up on walls allow us to literally surround ourselves with the people we love. We can frame our favorite memories and have them with us always.

3. Casual Hanging

Corkboards and refrigerators are fun places to post prints we aren’t sure where to put. It’s not as put-together as frames and books, but it’s quick and then it’s done. This doesn’t require buying anything additional other than what you already have, the photo prints are all you need!

We can get lost in the ease of snapping picture after picture, and we may post them on social media. However, nothing will ever take the place of having those physical prints. Let’s all remember the beauty in having the real thing in our hands.  


Alex is an easy going and bubbly person who has a passion for all things creative. She is pursuing a degree in Psychology at Valdosta State University and loving her experiences along the way. Instagram & Twitter: alex_gmann
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