Can our Dreams become Reality?

What's up Peeps! It's dream week here at HerCampus of Valdosta State University, and in honor of MLK and his "I Have a Dream" speech. I'd figure I would discuss the topic of making our dreams into reality. Now to start of this discussion, I want to say, that I do believe that in some shape or form our dreams are associated with our reality in some kind of way. By now you might be like this sounds weird ASF, but history has proven it to be true.

 Back in the times of the Ancient World people believed that dreams were a way of the gods communicating to them. As time went on people moved on from that theory, and saw dreams as a way for people to predicit the future.

Just to give you an insight on why I believe this to be true, one night I went to sleep and ha a an odd dream about there being construction going on down the road that my ex-boyfriend lives on, and there were prisoners all down the road doing their community service as well. The next day when I wake up and go visit my boyfriend, as I'm driving down the road to his house, I see construction going on and people working on the side of the roads, and ever since then I truly believe that dreams can become reality when you're speaking of it in terms like that. 

So with that being said, I've read multiple articles on how the human brain is so powerful and yet it is unfortunate that we are not intact with it all. We are said to possess telepathic powers as well as be able to truly manifest what we want for ourselves. So it is my theory that while we may not be able to control it as often as we would like to, Humans truly do have the capability of seeing their dreams become a reality. Whether it be you had a dream about a dog flying or seeing yourself becoming the CEO of fortune 500 company. We all magical creatures, sadly living in a world where things like this are taught as myths, who are capable of so many powers that come from the mind. 

This is why meditated, relaxing, and constantly remaing one with yourself is important because you have the power to make your dreams come true, and see the world for what it is. With all of these distractions it can be hard to do so, but to bring this closer to home. Martin Luther King Jr. may not have lived to see his dream become a reality, but the life of black Americans is somewhat better today, I mean if I'm being honest the only thing different is that we don't have to sit in the back of the bus, and there are no more "whites only" and "colored" signs. However, I mention that to say that it is possible with using the power of our minds along with hardwork and dedications. We can soon live in a world where positive dreams become a reality.