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I do not know about all college campuses but I know for a fact majority of college campuses are trying their hardest to make school feel normal but coming from a college student it simply is not working. When ou reflect on the previous years you remember hanging out with your friends in dorm lobbies, eating together like a family in dinning halls, congregating in the student union, meeting up for study groups in the library and so on has been taken away from us.

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I remember seeing students all over campus chatting amongst themselves with friends and peers and now your lucky if you could spot any college students on campus. When I did go to campus I would ride the VSU shuttle and it would be super empty, most of the times it was just the shuttle driver and I and that is when I knew campus has changed for real. I remember the the shuttle would be super busy and crowded with students that the shuttle eventually ran out of seats so students would have to stand up holding on to a handle shuttles had installed for that very purpose.

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My school is still trying to help students experience school the fun and right way by hosting events and activities to give us the opportunity to be socially active in a way which I highy appreciate the for. For example a few weeks ago my campus held the event Lighting of The Palms (LOTP) where Valdosta’s choir students performed songs on stage surrounded by Christmas lights, students and professors and their families all came out to the front lawn and after the songs were over there was a countdown to light up the palm trees that were covered in white Christmas lights, which was really beautiful to experience. The feeling of “school” has changed exceedingly and we can all thank the pandemic. This article just goes to say that this feeling is temporary and will not stay for long and if you have made it up to this point then be proud of yourself because this semester is/has been stressful. 



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