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Campus Cutie Morgan B. Matthews ’16

You might have witnessed her killing the runway or killing just about everything she does. From being the Vice-President of NAACP, to being involved in VSU’s fashion shows, Morgan B. Matthews is a true definition of a phenomenal woman.  

Major: Mass Media  Hometown: Decatur, GA  On campus involvement: NAACP Vice-President, Society for Collegiate Journalist Vice-President, Valdosta-Lowndes Development Authority Intern.   Zodiac sign: Capricorn   Relationship status: In a Relationship   Celebrity Crush: Andre 3000 

 HC: Hey Morgan! What brought you all the from Decatur, GA to VSU?  

MM: Valdosta State seemed like a perfect fit when I visited their campus in high school. The mass media department seemed up-to-date and the people were friendly to me and my family. I felt like this was a great location to learn and grow.   HC: What are your biggest passions?  

MM: My biggest passions are helping people and learning. I feel exhilarated when I’m assisting any type of person in need and continuously learning about different cultures, subjects, just gaining more brain power.   HC: What plans do you have after graduation?  MM: I plan to work for the summer in Valdosta and transition to a newsroom as an assistant producer and reporter.   HC: What are your career goals?  

MM: My ultimate career goals are to be a news anchor, author and motivational speaker.   HC: Who is your biggest role model and why?  

MM: My biggest role model is my mother. I know it’s a bit cliché, but she has overcome so much adversity to become the woman she is today and did the best she could to raise me. I look up to the beauty in her struggle everyday.  

 HC: What do you like to for fun?  

MM: I love to travel, write and model for fun. Those are activities where I feel the most at peace and free. 

 HC: What do you look for in a relationship?  MM: In a relationship I look for consistency, patience, honesty, affection and support. I’ve always wanted a partner that could be a force on his own, while supporting my motivation as well.   HC: Your idea of a perfect date.  MM: My idea of a perfect date would definitely involve food, but maybe him cooking it or we cook together and enjoy a candlelit dinner.   HC: What’s one thing that a guy should never do on a date? MM: A guy should never pull up to a girls house and not come to her door to greet her for the date. And on the date, if they go to a restaurant and get a booth, don’t try and sit next to her in the booth, it’s weird okay.   HC: What’s your best relationship advise? MM: In a relationship you and your significant other should always strive to be transparent with one another. And the old saying “communication is key” should be your motto. That is almost always a deal breaker in most relationships. People need to be more connected with one another and not just through phone interaction. Talk to them and talk it out.   HC: Do you have a favorite celebrity power couple? If yes why.  

MM: My favorite celebrity power couple are R&B singer Tamia and former NBA Basketball player Grant Hill. They have been married for almost 20 years and both have respective and successful careers, in their own right. Even with raising children, work and I’m sure their fair share of martial ups and downs, they still find and show the love and still speak positively about each other.  HC: Describe your experience at VSU. MM: My experience at VSU has been great nonetheless. I came to VSU in a time where a lot was changing. Various events have happened where it has changed this campus and myself forever. I have tapped into so much of my potential and met so many influential people to always stay connected to for years to come.  

 HC: Three words that best describe you. MM: Intellectual, Comic, Spiritual 



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