Campus Cutie Geordi Booker '16

This week's Campus Cutie is a hilarious guy you've probably seen in the Psychology Building! Between being a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. and working out at the rec, this celebrity is all over VSU's campus. Meet this week's Campus Cutie, Geordi Booker!

Name: Geordi Booker

Hometown: Haddock, GA                           

Classification: Senior

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Relationship Status: Single

Major: Psychology

HC: What made you choose VSU?

Geordi: My brother Adrian Marsh persuaded me to come.


HC: What are your plans after graduation?

Geordi: After graduation I plan on going to grad school and working on my masters for Sports Psychology.


HC: If you could use a food to describe yourself, what would it be and why?

Geordi: A box of chocolates because too much of me could give you cavities.

HC: What is your greatest accomplishment?

Geordi: One of my greatest accomplishments was joining a fraternity to better myself as a person.


HC: Give us your best pickup line?

Geordi: If you were a basketball, I’d never shoot. [Why?] Because I’d always miss you.


HC: Who’s your celebrity crush?

Geordi: Serena Williams

HC: Three items you can’t live without.

Geordi: Phone, air is pretty important, and family.


HC: What’s the first thing you notice on a woman?

Geordi: Sense of humor.


HC: Who’s you favorite musician and why?

Geordi: Young Jeezy. He always puts out great music.