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Campus Cutie Eric Roberson ’15

Featured as one of this week’s Campus Cuties is Valdosta State’s very own Eric Roberson! Eric is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi and a head-turner both on and off campus.

Name: Eric aka “Monte” RobersonAge: 20Major: Exercise PhysiologyHometown: Dublin, GeorgiaRelationship Status: Single

How does it feel to be considered a campus cutie? It’s an honor you ladies [at HC Valdosta State] think I’m handsome.

What are your turn-ons in a girl? Pretty teeth, someone who can make me laugh, in shape, pretty feet, intelligent, and creative.

What are your turn-offs? Bad breath and bad hygiene. Someone who doesn’t know how to hold a conversation or how to dress. Girls who are always oblivious and ditzy. Girls who don’t have any chill; always out partying. And liars.

What is your favorite food? All food, but if I had to pick: hibachi…chicken, shrimp, and steak.

What has been your favorite experience at VSU? Becoming a Kappa, man. November 15th 2013, the probate.

What would be your idea of a perfect date? A nice lit setting right after sunset, by the beach, with candles, maybe some glasses of wine, and over hibachi. Oh, and with my feet out in the sand.

Which candy describes you best and why? Gummy worms, because everyone loves them and everyone loves me. And chocolate; because it boosts endorphins which make people happy. And because I’m sweet at times.

Did I mention he’s single, ladies?


21 Mass Media Major at Valdosta State :)
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