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Campus Curl Chronicles: Florence Williams

Name: Florence Williams

Classification: Senior

Major: Organizational Leadership

Minor: Psychology

Curl Type: 3C

You may have seen the beautiful Florence Williams around campus or working hard in the VSU mailroom. If you have, chances are you were amazed by her lovely locks. Not only does Florence have gorgeous hair, but she also has a very outgoing personality and was willing to share her secrets to her beautiful curls!

HC: How long have you been embracing your natural curl pattern?

Florence: This year will be six years!

HC: What inspired you to start wearing your hair curly six years ago?

Florence: I’ve been natural most of my life. Honestly, my hair was practically straight until I turned 12 or 13. When it started to transition from straight to curly, it really confused me, and I had a hard time taking care of it. My mom didn’t know how to manage my hair either. I can still remember fighting with her every morning, trying to figure out what to do with it. It was so much for my mom to handle that she threatened to cut it all off because she was so frustrated. Instead, at the age of 12, my mom took me to the salon and I got a relaxer. I loved having straight hair and the compliments! However, it saddened me that after a week, when I washed it the curls reappeared. I felt like I was sold a dream that would never come true. So, after battling it for 3 years, I decided to let it go and transition and embrace what I have, instead of trying to conform.

HC: Do you ever straighten it anymore?

Florence: I do! But not until it gets cold here. There is no point of setting aside two or three hours to straighten it just to go outside and let the humidity attack it [laughs].

HC: I completely understand! What is your go-to hairstyle?

Florence: My go-to hairstyle has to be a wash n’ go or a big bun. It’s the easiest style and [lasts] me a good week.

HC: What products do you use for your Wash N’ Gos?

Florence: I’m a product junkie, but at the moment I love to wash my hair with Rhassoul Lava Clay. I condition with Garnier 3-minute Undo. Before, I was conditioning with Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner, but I ran out. I also love coconut, caster, or grapeseed oil to seal. For stylers, I’m currently using Quidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel, then on top of that, Quidad Curl Quencher Hydrafusion Curl Cream.

HC: Do you get all of those products from stores here in Valdosta?

Florence: Quidad products and the Rhassoul Lava Clay, I bought online. Everything else can be found at Walmart.

HC: Any words of advice for girls who are just now starting to embrace their natural curls?

Florence: Yes, I just want to say enjoy every stage of the journey and exercise patience. On average, hair grows from a half an inch to an inch monthly. The only way to see longer hair is through length retention. Moisturize your ends, whether it’s sealing or using the baggy or greenhouse method. If you are consistent, you will see results.

Also, just take care of yourself. Everyone has different textures, patterns, genetics, etc. We all take care of ourselves differently. Some women never work out; some work out every day. Some of us drink a gallon of water a day, whereas, others don’t even drink a glass. All of those different attributes are taken into effect. Your hair will reflect that. Just be good to yourself and have healthy hair practices. Whatever your goal is, I know you will reach it and go beyond what you expected!

If you would like to see more of the beautiful Florence and her lovely locks, you can follow her on Instagram @theblendedbeauty. 

Hi! I'm Elena! I'm a junior at Valdosta State University from Carrollton, GA. I'm a Business Management and Marketing major with a minor in Spanish. I love fashion and beauty and am intrigued by naturally curly hair. #CurlyHairedGirlsRunTheWorld IG: @elenaChantel_ Twitter: @elenaChantel_ Tumblr: elenaChantel.tumblr.com
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