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Campus Crush – Jiggy Edition

Growing up in Macon, Ga James knew his dream was one day to be the owner of his personal business. Upon working to achieve his dream James recently became a member of the Lambda Phi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi. There is more to James than just coming off as a shy individual. James is a very compelling, intellectual, and entertaining person.  Keep reading below to get to know him a little better and why he was the campus crush this Valentine

Name: James Bonner

Classification: Junior

Major: International Business

Hometown: Born in Macon, moved to Henry County

HC: Why did you choose Valdosta State?

James: It was a nice size plus my mom went here.

HC: Awe, that's cute. So what do you like to do in your spare time?

James: What spare time? I barely have spare time but when I do have some time I like to go to the rec and play basketball. Plus I’m an uber driver too.

HC: I heard you be dropping like 30+ points at your intermural game is that true?

James: I mean yeah something like that

HC: Okay so if you had to describe yourself what 3 words would you pick?

James: Okay BOOM... I’m the goat.

HC: What qualities do you look for in a woman?

James: She has to be goofy, she gotta be pretty and that’s really it. Like if you’re pretty inside and out then BOOM.

HC: Do you have any turn-offs?

James: I can’t stand females that are always in drama. Like geez. Someone that’s weak-minded and has bad breathe… IT'S-A NO FROM ME DAWG.

HC: The question that probably a lot of girls want to know, what is your relationship status?

James: Ehh right now I would call it a situationship.

HC: If you had to pick who would you say is your inspiration in your life?

James: My dad, because he didn’t go to college but he made it work.

HC: What is your goal in life?

James: To graduate, to retire by 40, and of course own my own business.

HC: Its Valentines Day and we're basically adults, how do you feel about oral sex?

James: It's not a necessity but it is a necessity.

HC: Interesting, would you consider yourself a spontaneous person?

James: Yeah I guess... wait what does spontaneous mean again?

HC: Okay last question, what would you say is your min and max?

James: Alright BOOM, my min probably 15 minutes it really depends and my max would be about 45 maybe an hour  

HC: Is there anything shocking that people find out about you?

James: I look very innocent to people but in reality, I’m not *rubs hand like birdman* but people think I’m a hoe when I’m not. I’m really wholesome.

Feel free to follow James on Twitter @Officialhooper0, Instagram @officialhooper__, and Snapchat @Hoopsfanatic

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